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Technology Review: My Book Home Network Storage

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Like most homes today mine has more than one computer. I have infact two, a laptop for surfing the net and a desktop in the office / guest room. But I was becoming increasingly fustrated with having my music, pictures and documents split across the two. I’d log on to my desktop to find a document or file and then realise that it’s on the laptop. So I decided to buy My Book World Edition 1TB Home Network Storage.

What I love about it:

  • Having all my files in one place and being able to access them on any computer
  • Storage Size – A massive 1TB
  • Easy to Install – Maps the drive for you and even creates a desktop
  • Fast transfer time – Didn’t to take that long to transfer my data, considering the size
  • Security – It has good security features to protect my data including different users with levels of privilages and work groups
  • System Status – gives you information on space used and how the box is functioning.
  • What I struggled with:

  • Limited information on security – I had to fiddle with the security settings in order to work out how it works, at one point I was sharing my music and pictures with everyone. Granted I did put them in the public folder, but I thought it was just public for registered users. There was also limited information on the web when I was looking for support with it. Worked it out in the end though.
  • What I’ve not used (and therefore can’t review):

  • Backup software – It comes with 5 free licences but I will be backing up the Network Storage box on a seperate box and haven’t used their software. I’m going to use my own.
  • Accessing your files from the web – I’ve disabled this feature for added security, plus I have no need to access my files over the internet
  • Hope my review was useful. Blog technological soon,


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