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No. 10

Goodbye Democracy? As Online Petitions Suspended

By Political, Thinking4 Comments

Is it goodbye to democracy with the new conservative liberal democrats coalition government?

I ask this open question with the recently aquired knowledge that epetitions at No. 10 Downing Street online has been suspended. From their website:

With a new Government in place a review is taking place of online services, including e-petitions. We are committed to improving the e-petitions process and are looking at ways of ensuring that it functions as part of a cohesive approach to public debate and transparent government. A full announcement on how we plan to use these and other services across Government will be made as soon as this important work is completed.

Existing e-petitions, submitted to the previous administration, will not be carried forward to the new administration as part of this process. E-petitions that were live at the time of the election announcement on 6 April, when the e-petitions system was suspended, will therefore not be reopened for signatures. We will respond to e-petitions that had exceeded the 500 signature threshold as of 6 April 2010.
(From:, Last Accessed: 16 June 2010)

I think it´s a real shame this service has been suspended and is being reviewed – with the possibility of being discontinued. It was a way for any UK citizen to tell their goverment what was important to them in a way that was quick, easily and convenient to all.

Despite being poorly promoted and marketed unlike some other of the governments ideas to get people involvement in politics, it was used by thousands who logged on and signed the hundreds of petitions on every area of government policy. Most importantly though petitions were created by your ordinary every day peerson and anyone could set one up.

Labour had set up epetitions, so is it simply that the coalition government didn´t like that fact that it was Labour´s idea? And does this mean that it´s going to be harder to tell the coalition government how we feel about their policies?

Or is it that they are going to come up with more innovative ways for us to express our views on government policy?

What do you think? Leave a comment.


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Petrol Prices

By Political2 Comments

Hi All,

Petrol & disel prices are set to rise by another 2p a litre according to I heard on one report that it was to raise funds for public services. We already pay more than most other countries and the majority of the price paid at the pump is due to tax. Do we simply not pay enough tax to cover these public services? Council tax, road tax, VAT. I am sure we could redistribute funds we have rather than add to the tax payers burden.

Buy your petrol before Tuesday 1st September 09, as that’s when the 2p tax is being added. Fill up before they raise the cost of petrol and disel even more.

Earlier this week I heard reports on Radio 1 that some people are really struggling with the cost of living and the economic resession at the moment. I have noticed the sharp rise in prices on essentials and am really starting to see the considerably less miles I get for the same amount of petrol as I did a year ago.

It seems that Gordon Brown and his MP’s can manage financially on the £65, 000 (plus expenses) they get. Well Gordon and your friends – that is NOT the average wage. Most people are not fortunate to be on this amount of money. So don’t be supprised if the media are reporting that people are struggling financially, and don’t stratch your head and ask why. Or be prepared (which is likely to happen anyway) to give No. 10 to David Cameron.

This effects us all, not just the car drivers as the papers have reported. If you get a bus to work – there ticket prices will have to reflect this increase in petrol and disel. You may think the only people it doesn’t effect is thosse who can walk or cycle to work. Wrong! Your goods that you buy in the supermarket all have to be transported there on trucks, trucks that use petrol or disel. So it is likely that ALL of our cost of living is set to rise.

Blog politically soon,


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