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it’s not all doom and gloom

A Moment of Joy

By Happiness & Joy4 Comments

Recently I’ve been living to a new philosophy: find a moment of joy in each day. Whether it be something big or small, noticing those little moments of joy during the day has made a big difference to my happiness.

Here’s some of my recent moments of joy:

  • Coming in to see the cats bed tipped upside down with Dylan attacking it. Then seeing the bed move and realising Russell is under it.
  • Laughing with a work colleague until my stomach hurts, over something that’s seemingly not funny.
  • Attending Shaun and Sarah’s Wedding (see The Wedding of the Year).
  • Going for a walk with Sye.
  • Seeing people make real progress in turning their life around.
  • Reading a funny status on Facebook.
  • Listening to music in the bath after a hard day.
  • Getting a text of someone you wanted to hear off.
  • My faviourate song coming on the radio.
  • Getting time to mediate.
  • Finding out Torchwood is coming back on TV.
  • Try looking out for the moments of joy in your own life, it will make you feel much better. Remember it’s not all doom and gloom.

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