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A Moment of Joy

By Tuesday 19 July 2011Happiness & Joy

Recently I’ve been living to a new philosophy: find a moment of joy in each day. Whether it be something big or small, noticing those little moments of joy during the day has made a big difference to my happiness.

Here’s some of my recent moments of joy:

  • Coming in to see the cats bed tipped upside down with Dylan attacking it. Then seeing the bed move and realising Russell is under it.
  • Laughing with a work colleague until my stomach hurts, over something that’s seemingly not funny.
  • Attending Shaun and Sarah’s Wedding (see The Wedding of the Year).
  • Going for a walk with Sye.
  • Seeing people make real progress in turning their life around.
  • Reading a funny status on Facebook.
  • Listening to music in the bath after a hard day.
  • Getting a text of someone you wanted to hear off.
  • My faviourate song coming on the radio.
  • Getting time to mediate.
  • Finding out Torchwood is coming back on TV.
  • Try looking out for the moments of joy in your own life, it will make you feel much better. Remember it’s not all doom and gloom.

    Write soon,


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    • Sye says:

      Soon you’ll be motivated to chase those moments again, then your back on track :p

      Rainbows never end my dear x
      – S

    • Antony says:


      Yes love I am getting motivated to chase those moments again! It just takes time and before you can fully enjoy them, you need to recognise them and look for them.

      My love,

      A x

    • Mike says:

      You’re so right – it is so easy to give in to negativity and for me that is such a turn off. Finding the positive and opportunity in every situation or just taking time to appreciate what you have, a beautiful sunset, the things you’ve achieved. It’s like cleansing the soul.

    • Antony says:

      Yep Mike, we just forget to look and appreciate those moments of joy at times. I’ve been much happier since I’ve started looking at those moments and appreciating what I’ve got.

      Take care, big hugs,

      A x

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