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hazel blears

Health, Wealth and Politics

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Health wise, every few years I get a terrible migraine. One of those were your eyes are sensitive to light, your ears sensitive to sound and it ends in you vomiting. I have had one of these nightmare migraines yesterday and it has only just started to clear today.

In my earlier blog (Financial Blues) I spoke about my wealth, or lack of it. However I have got my ticket for £100 million euro millions jackpot. I don’t want the jackpot, just a few thousand to pay off the debts I owe and see the black once again.

However one does have to think about what one would do if the jackpot was his. Let’s see, where to start? Well David said I should give 10% of any winnings to charity. So I would probably set up my own charity with £10 million. Then as interest was earned on the remaining £90 million, 10% of the money made on interest would on an annual basis go in to the charity.

Next I would want to clear my debts and see the black. Once I’d done that I would turn my attention to my family and ensure that they where financially comfortable. I would more than likely do it in different ways as apposed to giving them cash. The reason for this is because recently I read an article one of the sunday news papers about a guy who won the lottery. In his life the money caused more, bigger problems than the ones he had before.

Third thing I would do: go on a holiday! Ha ha, I’d take David with me.

While I’ve been off today recovering from my migrane I caught up on this weeks Question Time. There were some interesting discussions around a variety of topics. Inparticular the costs of I.D cards which should total £6 billion and not really make a difference in terms of proving I.D or combating terrism / immigration problems. I’m sure I heard a few years ago that it would cost £3 billion. How the costs sprial, eh? And at a time where the cash could be better spent on dealing with the difficult finanacial situation the country is in. Something for Gordon Brown to consider?

Interestingly a few jokes where made about a female MP Hazel Blears who was on the panel about her becoming the Prime Minister. She had some good opinions / views on directions the country should go and is a local MP from Salford. She seemed very down to earth and I think she would make an excellent PM. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Have a nice weekend,


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