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Wireless again thanks to BT

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I had been having some problems with connecting wirelessly to my BT Home Hub. I ended up plugging it in by the wire to the hub and even then it was slow. I emailed BT expecting never to get a response or waiting weeks to get it sorted (which was driving me mad, because I couldn’t write blog posts at my leisure).

BT called me back the following day (I had wrote the email late at night before bed). I missed some of their calls to my mobile as I was at work. And then as soon as I got home my home phone went off. I answered some of the secruity questions and the guy on the phone from BT took control of my computer via the Internet and sorted out my problem in just 10 mins. In the past BT’s customer service hasn’t been good and my past blog posts have reflected this.

So BT:
I’m most impressed. Thanks again for enabling me to blog from my softa.

Antony x

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