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Gwen Cummings

DVD Review: 28 Days and HELP

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I recently bought 28 Days [DVD] [2000] as I’m a fan of Sandra Bullock. The story is about the always drunk and drugged up Gwen Cummings who at her sisters wedding is dancing and falls on the wedding cake. Gwen, determined to fix things gets in to the Wedding limo in search of a cake shop. Gwen rather dramatically drives in to an house and gets sentenced to 28 days in a rehabilitation centre out in the country.

You follow Gwen as she sets out on her path to recovery from her drug and alcohol misuse. Starting with her being unconvinced that she had a problem at all, to acceptance and starting on the path to recovery. From the outset you realise that this is a budget film – were most of the budget went on Sandra. The other actors feel false and unconvincing.

The overwhelming theme that is interwoven in to the story is about asking for help. This film made me look at myself, do I ask for help? Especially when I need it? The answer is a residing No. I’m not sure why this is, perhaps a desire to be independent? Perhaps not wanting to put on anyone? Maybe fear of being let down by those I ask?

Something for me to think about and work on.

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