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The Best of 300

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This is my 300th blog post on this version of the site (see Geeky Post: Website Development). So from previous blog posts here’s 50 good reads for you:

1. Relaxation
3. What makes a relationship work?
4. All of your tick boxes

5. You know your getting old(er) when…
6. Funny Cartoons from a friend
7. More funny cartoons from a friend
8. Dear Madonna
9. Scape Goat
10. Addiction to shower gells
11. My First Wet Shave
12. Immitation is the biggest form of flattery…or maybe not?

13. A man named Alan Turning
14. The blood debate continues
15. The Independent on Sunday Pink List 2010, my thoughts
16. Pride
17. A Sad Truth
18. An interesting AIDS Advert
19. My Pride Costume
20. ‘If I were gay’ Straight Humour

Happy Times
21. Psychic Party & Home Warming
22. Partying – despite the weather
23. Salsa Tuesday’s
24. A Night of Laughter

25. The Story of Rosa Parks
26. A pearl of wisdom from Dame Edna
27. Inspirational Icons

Learning about me
28. Dear Me, A letter to my 16 year old self
29. What influences my IDENTITY?

30. Adventure 2 – Benidorm Part 2
31. A Weekend Away, Up North – Adventure 1
32. An Unsent Letter
33. One Month
34. 18 of my favourite love songs
35. Past time Crushes

Music Gigs
36. Tina was Incredible
37. Pink is Sexy
38. The Feeling were Awesome

39. Pagan Festivals
40. Apollo
41. Making a pumpkin latern for Samhain
42. A Magickal Grand Plan
43. Money Magick

44. People that inspire me
45. A Lovely Day with Simon

Sad Times
46. My Darling Baby Brother
47. Goodbye M
48. Grief

49. My Writing Process – for some of my better blog posts
50. Inspired by Stephen Fry

Take Care,


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