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My First Wet Shave

By Life3 Comments

Growing up I have always used an electric shaver. But I my facial hair is starten to grow quicker and get more corse (the joys of getting older, eh?). My colleagues at work had bought me for my birthday (in May) a Gillette Fushion Razer (with 5 blades lol), shaving gell and moisteriser. I’ve always thought wet shaving was sexy and very manly. So I decided to try this whole wet shave thing.

Of course, having never wet shaven, I did what any sane person would do (other wise I imagined myself cutting my face to ribbons), I googled it. I found this good video:

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How To Wet Shave

Ha ha, they seem to make video’s for everything these days. (Do you think they have one for making a cup of tea?)

So off to the bathroom I went. I am pleased to say, I did quite a good job. Not one cut and a nice smooth face. Very sexy and very masculine.

Blog randomly again soon,


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