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Here is a complete list of all Characters in my latest book Z-VIRUS Powers, listed in order of appearance:

  • Alexis, Female, the leader of the main group. Her supernatural power is stamina. She never gets tired and can keep going and going.
  • Vis (short for his supernatual power invisability), Male, his real name is Noah and he’s gay. He likes Luke, is a very private person and a little shy.
  • Chloe, Female, a twin who is telepathic.
  • Kyle, Male, a twin whi is telepathic.
  • Natalie, Female, is a very logical and matter of fact character. Unlike the others she doesn’t carry a weapon because she can move objects and people with her mind. She is also in a relationship with Grace.
  • Chan’s supernatural power is super speed. He can run very fast and makes an ideal scout for when the group go outside of the safety of their base.
  • Luke, Male, doesn’t have any powers and becomes close with Vis.
  • Grace, Female, doesn’t have any powers. In a relationship with Natalie.
  • Goliath, Male, is a big guy with supernatual super strength. He can pick up and throw cars with ease.
  • David, Male, is quite selffish and carries a machete.
  • Faye, Female, around 10 years old and can teleport.
  • Ellis, Male, leads the group that traps Alexis’ group.
  • Joan, Female, has no powers and is part of Ellis’ group.
  • Brad, Male, has no powers and is part of Ellis’ group.
  • Marc, Male, has no powers and is part of Ellis’ group.
  • Lucy, Female, ‘The Seer,’ her supernatural power is seeing the future of people trough touching them. Joins Alexis’ group and falls in love with Kyle.
  • Jack (also known as Jack the lad), Male a teleporter looking for his group.
  • Max, also known as Mad Max or MM can shoot fire from his fingers. But he is particularly troubled and uses this power to oppress others.
  • Naseem, Male, can manipulate metal with his hands.
  • Kevin, Male, can sense things through his feet.
  • Harry is the healer, using his supernatual power to do so. But he can’t heal anyone infected with the Z-Virus or Zombies.
  • Emma, Female, is a powerful telekinetic, like Natalie only more powerful.
  • Sophie, Female, is like a human battery/powerbank for people with powers.
  • Erin, Female, can illuminate her skin and also generate heat on it.
  • Linda, Female, has limited telepathic abilities.
  • Ryan, Male can generate electricity through his hands whilst exercising.
  • Dr Mark Robinson, Male was one of the Doctors working on a cure for the Z-VIRUS.

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