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I’ve Got A Secret To Tell You…

By Wednesday 20 November 2019Love & Relationships

I’ve had three loves in my life. That’s not the secret, just a fact, so keep reading. I’ve had three loves in my life. One’s dead. One’s married to another man. One’s out there living his life having no contact with me. His choice, not mine. I used to say that this man was the man I should have married.

This man drew and framed this gift for me:


The secret is that I’ve kept this all this time. Looking at it every year at around Christmas time.

I’ve kept this all this time, since he drew it in 2004 and looked at it every year at around Christmas time. This is my secret. I’ve realised that by doing so, I’ve kept the love for this man close in my heart. But as I’ve said to many others:

You can’t live in the past.

So I’ve decided to finally let go of this framed drawing. In doing so, I will also release the love for this man from my heart. He is no longer the man I should have married, but the love that I let go.

Take care,


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  • Andrea Pierce says:

    Oh, sweetheart. One knows when the time is right. You can metaphorically blow those candles out and say goodnight. xx

    I didn’t mean to make this rhyme. B-)

  • Antony says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for the comment. Indeed I can, it just took me a darn long time to a) realise what I was doing and to b) decide to do something about it.

    A x

  • Andrea Pierce says:

    It sounds like it became a ritual for you and a habit. Now you are simply ready to let go. This must feel liberating. xx

    • Antony says:

      It is liberating but at the same time there is still a sense of heavy sadness, like as though my heart has been holding on to hope all this time.

      Still now the healing can truly begin, I can’t live in the past and it’s certainly not good to live in a fantasy and forget to live life in reality.

      A x

  • Andrea Pierce says:

    Too true. Take care. Now your heart can be free again. xx

  • Emma Fairhursr ( Dean) says:

    Hey hun long time no see since the holiday years and years ago !! I’m married now , I don’t see the gang as we have slll moved on . Aw was one of the loves G? I know you weee close at one point and believe he has married . I hope you are well , nice website btw xx

    • Antony says:

      Hi Emma,

      Wow, long time no see or speak! Thanks for the comment. Lovely to hear that you’re married now.

      My loves know who they are. I don’t want to say anymore, as the last thing I’d like to do is cause tension in someone else’s relationship. Not that I think it necessarily would, I just wouldn’t want to risk it.

      A x

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