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Short Stories

Below is a table that shows all the short stories I’ve written with the most recent one first. Each story has it’s own page which describes what the story is about, a link for free download or to buy and what I learnt through writing these stories. I hope you enjoy reading these stories.

Title / Cover About Free Download / Buy Link
In Soulmates Robert and Lucas keep missing each other. In fact, they’ve never met. That is until a disembodied spirit assigns himself Robert’s case. Can this spirit create the perfect opportunity for these two potential Soulmates to finally meet? And if they do meet, how will it go?

Soulmates is a short story in the gay romance genre. It is just over four thousand words and is yours to enjoy for free.
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Soulmates (PDF)
The Good Teen
The Good Teen is a modern-day telling of The Good Samaritan parable, with a hint of magic.

I saw a call for submissions from the BBC Radio 4 ‘Opening Lines’ programme. I wrote, edited and submitted The Good Teen, but unfortunately haven’t heard anything, meaning that it has not been accepted.
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The Good Teen (PDF)
A Few Amazing Moments

In A Few Amazing Moments Shaun shares his journey to find love through the decades. From his teen experience of rejection; to living by the philosophy of grabbing a few amazing moments of love where he can. The moments always coming to an end as he expects. But with Nathan his best friend and lover, will it be a happily ever after or is it another one of those relationships with a shelf life?
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A Few Amazing Moments (PDF)
Stuck Between A Rock…
Gina and Tom have just got engaged. But she’s got a secret and worries about his reaction when he discovers the truth. She’s also got an interview for the Director of Sales job, but she has some unexpected competition. How will Tom react when he discovers her secret? And will she win the Director of Sales job or is fate leading her in a different direction?
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Stuck Between A Rock… (PDF)


Last Updated: Thursday 21st January 2016.

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