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Causes For Celebration

By Friday 15 September 2017Amazon, Happiness & Joy, Health, Shopping
celebration-large What a week it’s been! There’s so many causes for celebration for me right now. Here’s the list:

  • Working to become smoke-free. I did 8 days without a cigarette, substituting cigs for Nicotinell 2mg Fruit Nicotine Gum. I’ve had a little lapse, but am determined to become smoke-free, mainly for health reasons.
  • I got £30 back from an old car servicing contract.
  • The BIG NEWS is that I’ve been offered and accepted a new job. As a rule I don’t blog about work, but I couldn’t resist sharing my good news. The new job is a fantastic opportunity and something I am super excited about.
  • A friend of mine got some good health-related news.
  • It is Papa’s Birthday today. We are having a family BBQ to celebrate tomorrow.

My mum took me out for tea to celebrate my new job. To celebrate I treated myself to 2 duck feather pillows and 3 books (The Traitor Queen by Trudi Canavan, It by Stephen King and Spun by Catherine Mckenzie). I plan to continue the celebration with a little Prosecco tomorrow with the family.

You may have noticed a lack of new blog over the last few weeks. This is because I was preparing for the interview. Now that it’s done, I shall get back to regular blogging.

Write soon,



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  • Colin Watts says:

    Well done lad. Life is full of ups and downs so make sure you enjoy the ups

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Antony!

    What great news! I hope your Papa has a good birthday tomorrow and good luck for your new job!

    Andrea x

  • Andrea says:

    Hi Antony,

    Yes, I meant to say today! Haha! Tip for the gum – buy 4mg if you can and halve each piece. Double for the money.

    Forgot to say, thank you for cheering me up. I’m going through another depression visitation- George the hooded figure who likes to push me down and sit on my chest. I have had a better week of late, but he leaves me tired and more.

    I hope you are faring well, my love. Andrea xx

    • Antony says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the comment and the tip for the Nicotine gum. I’m glad my blog has cheered you up.

      Sorry you haven’t had the best of weeks. Depression and chest-sitting anxiety are difficult. But just hold on and take it a day – or a moment – at a time.

      Remember that it does get better with the right treatment (which may include anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medication, along with talking therapies).

      Most of all know that you are not alone.

      A x

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