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You know your getting old(er) when…

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Hi All,

This post is just a bit of fun, from things I have observed about myself recently. Feel free to add your comments. You can do this by clicking the title and then scrolling down to the comments box.

You know your getting old(er) when…

You choose clothes for comfort, rather than style.

You get back ache when you have spent too long driving.

Housemates mess starts to p*ss you off, and you wish you lived alone.

You enjoy watching Murder, She Wrote.

You’d rather have a night in the warm (watching TV or reading books) rather than going out in the cold.

So add some more on the comments section!

Take care,


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XFactor Finalists Hero – A Review

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Hello all,

The XFactor finalists have released ‘Hero’ orignally by Mariah Carey. You can view it here:

I love the fact that the vido it has photos of our troops. I love the job that these brave men and women do for us, protecting people at home and abroad. And they are modern day heros so it is an appropriate song.

However, why do they have to sing one of my favouriate songs? Constantly XFactor contestants cover other people’s song. Can they not perhaps write one of their own?

Blog soon,


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Christmas Cards

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Hello All,

If you are pagan, you will know there is a lack of affordable Yule cards. I’m not sure if it’s because of it being a niche market or to do with pagans views on saving the environment.

Anyway, the majority of my family and friends are Christian and as such send Christmas cards.

I have got underway with my address book. I’ve found wonderful friends that for various reasons (distance, time, etc.) I only seem to communicate with once a year. It’s such a shame that these wonderful people, many of whom where a big part of my life have moved on, as have I.

Does this happen to you? I imagine it’s just part of life. People moving on.

You can comment on this by clicking the title and then using the comment form at the bottom of the page.

Write soon,


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Blast from the past & Eagle Eye

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I recently had a message on facebook from a old school mate, talk about a blast from the past! It was nice to hear off the person in question, if not a little odd.

This is the thing about facebook, it allows all mannors of people from your past to get in touch with you. Some you would like and some you may not. Now whilst I don’t mind this person getting in touch, I have had others add me as a friend that I’ve chose to ignore. Sometimes you past is your past for a reason.

In other news…David and I went watching Eagle Eye this weekend. It was an action film about two people who were being instructed to do things for an unknown purpose. It was all action. The story line was weak and easily worked out. A film that is worth watching once to say you’ve seen – but not worth buying on DVD.

Tomorrow I am going to see The Feeling, so excited.


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