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The weekend started really on Saturday. David and I had arranged to have a chat following the weekend prior (see Job Interview & David).

I had picked up my new BlackBerry Storm (see The phone we forgot) prior to setting out to drive to his, an Up. The Down about this was that as I had choose to keep my existing mobile number I had to wait for the PAC to transfer over, so the handset was unusable for 72 hours.

David jumped in the car to help me find parking. Once we had found it, we had to stay with the car until we were allowed to legally park there. David was initially closed. I had come open minded, but still with the one thought: that I am fed up arguing.

But what I didn’t count on was how I’d react and connect to David’s addictive energy once again. We ended up going out shopping (bought this fantastic t-shirt, I will have to post a pic!) and for a meal in the evening. The day and evening was amazing (Up), but somehow we didn’t manage to discuss the argument (a definite Down).

Sunday I head back home. I had promised my friend a reiki session (see Reiki one – Qualified) and had to prepare. I had a bath were I cleansed, protected and grounded my energies. I put some reiki healing energy in to some candles and collected my oils, the burner, the reiki-ed candles, crystals, etc. together.

The great thing about a reiki session is that you as the practitioner also get a reiki treatment too, so add that to the reiki I had done in the bath (cleansing, protecting & grounding) and I had a total of 2 reiki treatments. A definite Up.

Reiki is a stress-relief energy treatment. For more about how to destress please see my Relaxation post.

I would like to thank my friend for allowing me to give him some reiki treatment and for the nice food he bought me afterwards. Food is always a Up.

So that was my weekend, definitely more Ups than Downs!

Publish more soon,


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  • Mike says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t get to discuss the argument; maybe you don’t need to? Or maybe that’s a stupid comment…

    More ups than downs is a good thing though. Long may it continue! We wat to see the T-shirt; and we want to see the ‘phone 🙂

  • Antony says:

    I think talking is always good! Otherwise I find on both sides that it builds up inside both of our heads lol.

    Ups are always good. Yeah I’ll have to post pics of the T-shirt and phone when I get a chance!


    A x

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