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Maintaining Motivation

By Saturday 24 January 2009Happiness & Joy, Health, Life, Thinking

If you are like me you have set your Goals for 2009 (although you may have called them New Years Resolutions. I struggle with my motivation to keep them. One day I will have a high level of motivation and do really well and another day I will have a low level of motivation and not achieve any of them.

So here is some advice on how to maintain that motivation and keep on track with your goals or resolutions in 2009. (Simliar to the Relaxation post I did some time ago).

Family & Friends
Our family and friends have a massive influence on our life (just see People that inspire me). So when your motivation is low go to them for some support. They’ll give you plenty of positive encouragement that can give your motivation levels a real boost. Better yet if you can get them involved even better.

So for example if you are going to the gym as a new years resolution, why not encourage them to tag along? This will give you moral support everytime you go! Plus it will get you both healthier. Win, win situation.

Pro’s and Con’s
Pro’s are the benefits of you doing / not doing something. So for example the benefits for not smoking could include:

  • More money
  • Improved breathing & Overall feeling of well-being
  • Better sense of taste
  • Smell better
  • etc.
  • When motivation levels are low it can be good to list the Pro’s of doing or not doing something. Listing the Con’s also help. So using smoking as the example again, these could include:

  • Poor health – increased illnesses
  • Less money
  • Ruled by your addition
  • Smell & others reactions to it.
  • Smoking in the rain.
  • etc.
  • Hopefully you’ll have more Con’s than Pro’s but it is important that you focus on the Pro’s when your motivation levels are low. Keep the list of Pro’s and keep revisiting it to increase your motivation levels.

    Just for today…
    We tend to want the things in life we are trying to deny ourselfs. So a good motivation method I do is simply not to deny myself anything. I say: Just for today, I will eat healthier and take my break at work. It is a psychological trick I play on myself verbalised as a positive affirmation. I works really well for me.

    Recognise how far you have come.
    Many people only realise when they slip up or don’t achieve the end result. It is important if your motivation levels are low to recognise how far you have come and congratulate yourself! Well done on getting this far! Just a little further to go – you can do it

    Treat yourself
    If your having a particularly hard or difficult week in terms of your motivation levels, treat yourself. Buy yourself a gift to reward the hard work that you have done. This could be something inexpensive like a cake or something more expensive like a DVD. Go and buy it in the shops as then you have it there and then – an appreciation from yourself of the hard work. Buying online – you have to wait for delivery, and the gift to yourself doesn’t quite feel the same because of the delay. You need your reward there and then for the achievement you have succeded in completing. Repeat as necessary.

    In this case, you have to be the judgement on how your own religion will enhance your motivation levels. For some prayers will increase their motivation. Whereas for me I would probably cast a spell for motivation.

    If you don’t do that well…
    Start again tomorrow. Noboday achieved all of their goals or new years resolutions on the first attempt. It’s important you just start again tomorrow! Don’t leave it and make excuses to yourself and delay starting again!

    Hope that’s useful my friends,


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