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A 2019 Round Up – A Tough Year But One With Many Highlights

2019 was a tough year overall, but it did have some positive highlights.

In February I released my book Mental Health Wisdom and I began shameless promotion of it.

Signed copies available from the official website:

In March I treated myself to a new Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SmartPhone.

April brought a change to my medication for my mood disorder. This change led to an unstable mood and would lead to a crash into a depressive episode later on in the year.

In April I also got my gorgeous kitten, a black Bengal that I named Nicholas:

Nick, my black Bengal kitten, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me, I think I was being stalked :P.

For my birthday in May, I visited Mother Shipton’s Cave with my good friend Simon. I also visited Blackpool Zoo with a family that have unofficially adopted me. Here are some photos from both:

June was all about my book and the promotion of it.

In August my old car died and went to car heaven. So I got a new car, a Ford Fiesta St Line which I called Mitch. Here are some photos:

By September I was really mentally ill. The new medication regime started in April wasn’t effective. On World Mental Health Day, I reduced the price of my book and started my 15 day stay in mental health ward.

In October I had an adventure in the Metropolitan City of Wroclaw in Poland. This was for my brother’s stag do.

In November I told you a secret and emotionally let go of someone. I also launched my range of handmade and homemade candles, Candles of the Gods.

December came round really quickly. It crept up on me like a Ninja sneaking up on a target. It was also really busy. I saw Daniel Sloss, lost my Nando’s virginity, set up my Patroen and completed a two part YouTube Talk on Mental Health.

How was your 2019? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Write soon,


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