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World Mental Health Awareness Day 2019 – Grab Mental Health Wisdom For As Little As £1.99 (Kindle Version)

By Thursday 10 October 2019Amazon, Books & Authors, Health, Reviews

My book Mental Health Wisdom has been reduced in price to do my bit for World Mental Health Awareness Day, which is today and on the 10th September every year.

The new prices are:

  • £7.49 for a paperback, either signed through buying on the link above (plus £1 for postage and packing) or by purchasing on Amazon. This is a saving of over 37% or £4.50 in actual money.
  • £1.99 for Kindle version by purchasing on Amazon. This is a saving of over 66% or £4 in actual money.

So go on, treat yourself. Want to know what others think of the book? It’s 5 star rated for all review on Amazon. Here are some quotes from the Amazon reviews:

“This book is a serious, yet light hearted, look at anxiety and depression from someone who has battled with this throughout his life…

This is an easy and often humorous read into a subject that impacts on far more of the population that we generally realise or are aware of.

I would highly recommend ‘Mental Health Wisdom’ by Anthony Simpson…”

“Very informative, useful and helpful read, would highly recommend, very reasonable price also.”

“This is a perfect starting point for anyone that wants to get clued up on mental health. It goes through the many different mental health illnesses, symptoms and has so much invaluable knowledge and wisdom embedded in it. It then goes on to list some tips on how to manage and look after your mental health and well- being.”

From: Amazon, Last accessed: 10th September 2019.


Signed copies available from the official website:

The book will never be at a lower price than it’s current price. This is the absolute cheapest I can make it. I decided to drop the price as the book has been out nearly 9 months. I also accidentally over purchased stock and would like them to find good homes, so that I have space for my next creative project.

Peace and love,


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