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Nicholas (Nick)

A 2019 Round Up – A Tough Year But One With Many Highlights

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2019 was a tough year overall, but it did have some positive highlights.

In February I released my book Mental Health Wisdom and I began shameless promotion of it.

Signed copies available from the official website:

In March I treated myself to a new Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ SmartPhone.

April brought a change to my medication for my mood disorder. This change led to an unstable mood and would lead to a crash into a depressive episode later on in the year.

In April I also got my gorgeous kitten, a black Bengal that I named Nicholas:

Nick, my black Bengal kitten, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me, I think I was being stalked :P.

For my birthday in May, I visited Mother Shipton’s Cave with my good friend Simon. I also visited Blackpool Zoo with a family that have unofficially adopted me. Here are some photos from both:

June was all about my book and the promotion of it.

In August my old car died and went to car heaven. So I got a new car, a Ford Fiesta St Line which I called Mitch. Here are some photos:

By September I was really mentally ill. The new medication regime started in April wasn’t effective. On World Mental Health Day, I reduced the price of my book and started my 15 day stay in mental health ward.

In October I had an adventure in the Metropolitan City of Wroclaw in Poland. This was for my brother’s stag do.

In November I told you a secret and emotionally let go of someone. I also launched my range of handmade and homemade candles, Candles of the Gods.

December came round really quickly. It crept up on me like a Ninja sneaking up on a target. It was also really busy. I saw Daniel Sloss, lost my Nando’s virginity, set up my Patroen and completed a two part YouTube Talk on Mental Health.

How was your 2019? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Write soon,


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The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days

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The long Bank Holiday has been four lovely days. The sunshine has been out and it has been warm. Really warm. There’s nothing more pleasant than being sat in the sun and feeling it warming your skin. I have done plenty of this over the weekend.

On Friday, my good friend Steve and I went out for a lovely pub lunch. The next day I saw family, including one of my brothers, his fiancée, one of my nephews and my mum. My brother and his fiancée made tea.

Sunday I treated myself to some pagan gifts for my birthday that’s in May. I also bought a couple of little presents for a few people. All online. I know that you’re not supposed to buy people presents for your birthday, but I couldn’t resist. I will share more details and photos on this blog soon. But that wasn’t all I did on Sunday.

I went for a canal-side walk, caught up on cleaning at home, worked on some creative projects (including a web-based App for my health and promotion of Mental Health Wisdom book), played with and looked after my cats. Here’s a couple of photos from my canal-side walk:


Canal-side Walk (1).


Canal-side Walk (2).

We are really lucky are surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Today (Monday), my good friend Kay and I went for a cheeseburger, a Pepsi and a lovely long walk in Rivington. Here are some photos:


A Selfie, taken with the selfie feature on my Samsung S10 Plus.




Me (I know, I need to loose a some weight, I’m working on it).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (1).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (2).


Kay and I walked up to Pigeon Tower, Rivington.

Kay and I did manage to forget how to get back to the car and where we’d parked. Totally my fault. Rivington always feels like a maze, its many entrances and exits take you to different places. I can never figure out my way around the place. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to spend more time there.

Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Take care,



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