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Book Review: How Do You Want Me? by Ruby Wax

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how-do-you-want-me-ruby-wax Ruby Wax tells her life story (so far), in her autobiography How do you want me?

Wax starts by describing her childhood, complete with her neurotic mother and violent father.

Then Wax goes on to the important subjects of her life, each one having it’s own dedicated chapter in somewhat of a chronological order: Puberty, Men, Ambition, Fame, Marriage, Babies, Breakdown and Fixing Yourself.

Each chapter is written with Wax displaying honesty and regular doses of her good humour. This makes How do you want me? a fascinating read, one that’s so captivating it is likely to be read in a few sittings.

As Wax tells of the highs and lows of her life, the reader can’t help but connect with her and will come to admire this inspirational woman.

There are a few photo pages spread throughout How do you want me? But be warned, they are all black and white photographs.

Wax is a great story teller and it felt like a privilege that she choose to share her life story. How do you want me? is throughly entertaining and enjoyable. It is available to buy on Amazon.

Review soon,



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Four Hundred Posts

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This is my four hundredth blog post since I went back to using WordPress about five years ago, before then the site existed in other various formats see Geeky Post: Website Development for previous formats. Whether you’ve been following my blogging for the last five years, had a browse through the archives or are a relatively new reader I wanted to use this post to reflect on some of my life experiences and my growth as a person in this time.

I’ve had many Good Times some of which have been watching various comedians and musical performers. I’ve seen Dylan Moran, Russell Howard, French & Saunders, The Feeling, Tina Turner, Pink, Kylie, John Barrowman and Steps. These experiences have been shared by the most important people in my life my friends and family.

At the beginning of this WordPress blog I wrote about people that inspire me, explaining how my friends and family inspire me. It’s as true today as it was then. Among my close friends I’ve wrote about good times with Simon & Chrys, Sye, Steve, Jayne and Kay. A few recent good times that spring to mind are a trip with Simon & Chrys to Liverpool and visiting Anglesey with Simon.

There have been a few new additions to the family including Shaun the long lost brother, his wife Sarah (see The Wedding of the Year) and their family unit. Dylan and Russell, my two gorgeous bengal kittens have been brought home and added to my family unit. I’m so thankful to have the love and support from my friends and family.

My love life has included dates, relationships, relationship problems and break ups involving several different men. I’ve moved to Spain to start a new life with someone and then moved back when it didn’t work out. I’ve learned from the relationships and although I’ve not yet found that someone special to spend my life with; I’m sure I’ll meet my Mr. Right eventually.

I made the choice to go back to University to complete my Nursing Degree, successfully being awarded a BSc Nursing Hons Upper Second (2:1). I’ve moved out of Nurses accommodation to a grotty house-share and then bought my first home.

Happy times have to be balanced with sad times; saying goodbye to M and experiencing grief after my younger brother Alex passed away are among the few truly sad times in the last 5 years. These events in my life along with others have helped my paganism and spirituality flourish. This has been seen with my Reiki One qualification, my work with Apollo and through me fully embracing pagan festivals such as Samhain.

My writing has developed with changes to subject matters, style, editing, grammar and spelling. Subject matters have changed, from writing purely about me and my life to an increase in reviews of books and films. I feel I’ve managed to keep a careful balance between writing about my life and reviews. I have retained and continue to retain that this is a personal blog, that I write more for me than anyone else. A place to write about experiences I have, memories I want to keep and thoughts that I want to share or reflect upon.

My own individual writing style seems to be unfolding although I’m not sure quite how, or what it will look like when it’s fully formed. I do know my writing is increasingly descriptive and seems at times to have a voice. I used to a write blog post and hit the publish button, whereas now I spend more time editing the post than writing the first draft. This has hopefully led to better grammar and spelling – although I don’t claim these to be perfect. In the past my blogging was a spontaneous event, now I try to write a little each day and this change has probably led to the improvement in my writing.

As I have continued to experience life I’ve certainly grown and developed in many different ways. Life’s events have influenced the way I think, feel or act in situations as they do for everyone. I have enjoyed writing about these events and continue to do so, so here’s looking forward to the next four hundred (plus) posts.

Write soon,


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The Two Rules of Spell-Casting

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If your pagan to cast a Spell you gather energy some from yourself and some from other sources (earth, air, fire, water & cosmos) and use your Will to give the energy an intention. Then you send the energy into the Astral Plane to start working on bringing the changes that you want in your life. There are two rules to spell-casting that I’ve recently been reminded of:

1. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.
2. Be specific, if your vague the cosmos will give you what you want but not necessarily in the way that you want it.

So quite sometime ago I popped on Mariah Carey’s Dreamlover and Emotions:

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And using these songs as inspiration I raised energy, gave it the intention and sent it on it’s way.

Well this was what followed over about three months:

  • A drunk, supposedly straight guy appearing at my door in the early hours of the morning wearing nothing but a towel offering me some you-know-what.
  • Meeting another supposedly straight guy and his fiancée at a party. His fiancee went off to work and as the party went on he got drunker and drunker which resulted in him inviting me back to his (while his fiancée is working) for some you-know-what.
  • Some other supposedly straight guy asking for a quick thumble.

Needless to say, I didn’t take any of these men up on their offers.

Then it suddenly clicked – I wasn’t specific enough. When I cast I didn’t specify that the man had to be gay and single. Whoops. Won’t be making that mistake again.

So if your ever thinking of spell-casting, remember the two rules and you won’t go far wrong.

Write soon,


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Out of Ink

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During the day before we went watching District 9 (see District 9 Film Review). GJ and I had gone shopping for a new printer he needed. At the till he was asked: “Would you like to buy any ink cartridges?” To which I answered:
“No, it comes with them.”
(Obiously thinking that he could get the cartidges cheaper than the £18 they were in the shop, trying to save him money!)
“They are only starter ones. They only do about 50 pages.”
“We’ll be fine.” I answered for him again.
(Goddess, I’m quite very bad at that at times, when I think I’m right!)

So I had grand plans the other night: Jaquizi bath, a good meal and chill. Then GJ texted me, stating his printer had run out of ink! I felt really bad, so offered to pick him up and take him back to mine to complete the printing for him. He kept saying it wasn’t my fault but I felt guilty. He needed the work the following morning and it was too late for him to go anywhere and buy any.

I scoffed a quick tea down and picked him up. It was lovely to see him. I don’t quite know why, but I have a lot of positive regard for him. We have previously been out (see An update on men and Men, he was called the friendly ex in these posts). I guess I still have some feelings for him, especially after our recent conversation (see District 9 Film Review).

My love life seems to be getting more and more confusing and more and more complicated. Yet, I have had the honest conversation about staying friends with them both. What’s going on?

Blog soon (hopefully less confused),


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