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The Wedding of the Year

By Friday 8 July 2011Happiness & Joy

On Saturday 2nd July 2011, Shaun (see The Long Lost Brother Story) and Sarah (his missus) got Wed. They couldn’t have choose a better day for it. The sun was bright, warming the air and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Plus they had the sound of the calm sea as they got married on the sea front. I was honoured and privileged to be invited to what turned out to be the Wedding of the year.

The night before I had stayed over with Shaun, to help get him and the kids ready in the morning. Well I managed to get the kids, Shaun and myself ready and there on time. Shaun was uncharacteristically nervous, but then it was his wedding day, so I’ll let him off.

Shaun and Myself

As people started to arrive I got a snap of mum and Jodie (Alex’s girlfriend going in his place, see My Darling Baby Brother), the both of them looking particularly beautiful:

And I am pleased to say I didn’t scrub up too bad either:

The ceremony started at 1pm in the hotel. It was a small intimate setting with the ceremony being one of the most overwhelmingly emotional I have ever experienced. You could feel the love in the room; the love for Shaun and Sarah and the happiness at them both finally making a life long commitment to one another. Tears of joy filled my eyes as they did in most peoples. I didn’t get many pictures during the ceremony as I wanted to really absorb the event in to memory. But I did get these:

Shaun and Sarah signing the Wedding Register

Shaun and Sarah about to leave the room as Husband and Wife

After the ceremony, the photographer used his charisma to get us to pose for various photos. Here’s one of Shaun and Sarah outside the hotel:

Then it was time for something to eat. On entering the well dressed dinning room, I couldn’t help but notice the seaside town theme:

Food came which was course after course of some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously good food. Pate, Soup, Chicken with green pepper corn sauce and veg, profiteroles and then coffee.

Speeches followed. All from the heart and with a good amount of humour.

Shaun giving tokens of appreciation as part of his speech

After all that, it was time for a break. We had an hour to relax before the evening do commenced. Some went up to their room in the hotel, whereas others stayed by the bar. I was so full after all those courses I wanted a nap, but as I wasn’t staying at the hotel I didn’t. The evening do kicked off with cutting of the cake and the first dance:

After that it was party time. A good time was had by all. I spent the next few days recovering from all the fun! Easily the best Wedding of the year. I’m so happy that they had such a good day and want to wish them all the luck in the world for their future together.

Take care,


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  • Julie Bradbury says:

    Antony, that has been so beautifully put together, I really enjoyed reading it and looking at your pics, I have done a DVD slide show with photos and music, I could do you a copy if you would like, let me know.

    Lots of love

    Julie xxxx

  • Graham says:

    It sounds and looks as though you had a great day and your brother and his bride look really great and happy.

    You have given a great description of the great and happy day

  • Antony says:

    Hi Julie,

    Thank you for your kind comment. Yeah that would be great.

    Hi Graham,

    Thank you for the kind comment about my description of the event. It was a great day and they are very happy together.

    A x

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