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Productivity Journal Review: Inspire Now Journal by Inspire Now Daily

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The Inspire Now Journal by Inspire Now Daily is the best goal-focused journal aimed at increasing productivity and helping you to achieve your goals on the market.

Here are some images of the Inspire Now Journal:


The Inspire Now Journal Cover


Inspire Now Journal contents.


Monthly Planner.


Birthdays and Glossy Quote pages.


Long and short term goals.


Short term goals and glossy quote pages.


Weekly and Daily Planning pages.


Weekly Reflection page.


Savings Chart.


Debt Management pages.


Payment Checklist pages.


Project pages.


Fitness Planning pages.


Travel pages.


Books, Films and Contacts.

Like any productivity journal the Inspire Now Journal has Pros and Cons. Here they are:

Pros Cons
  • Its design is appealing – brown leather cover and ever every page has colour.
  • It’s dateless, meaning you can start using it at any time.
  • It has a 7 day week.
  • It prioritises tasks into: One task must be completed today, top three tasks and other tasks and actions.
  • It has inspirational quotes throughout. Including one for every day.
  • Daily pages also include the following sections: Reminders/Shopping Lists/Appointments, Reward for achieving goals, health & well-being actions, self-development actions and things I am grateful for today.
  • Weekly pages include the following sections: goals – split into categories (Career & Finance, Personal Development & Learning, Health & Wellness, Family & Social, Physical Environment and Spiritual), habit tracker and reward for achieving my goals this week.
  • Past Week Reflection pages include: big achievements this week were, how I was able to achieve these, next week I will take the following steps to avoid distractions, I learnt, I will use lessons I learnt last week to improve next week by and a Achievements Score (1-10) for the week.
  • It has Calendars for 2016-2019.
  • It has Month At a Glance pages.
  • It has a Birthday List page.
  • It has Long Term & Short Term Goal pages, along with Ideas & Notes pages to go with these.
  • It has a Savings Chart page, Debt Management pages, Payment Checklist pages, Project pages, Fitness Plan pages, Travel Checklist pages, Books to Read & Movies to See page, Contacts pages and Notes pages.
  • It has a bookmark ribbon and an elasticated closure.
  • The tasks & actions on the daily pages are too small to write in. I usually have to write over two lines.
  • No daily rating for achievements.
  • No specific section on daily pages for General Notes & Ideas.
  • There are undoubtably pages/sections that you wont use. For example, I will never use the Debt Management pages, Payment Checklist pages and Fitness Plan pages.
  • The planner only has 6 months worth of pages in it. However it would be impossible to make the journal any bigger.

The Inspire Now Journal is brilliant and a journal that I love. Once you get in the routine of using it, you will wonder how you have ever managed without it.

I’d highly recommend the Inspire Now Journal, which is available to buy on Amazon.

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