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Caroline Aherne: Queen of Comedy – BBC Documentary

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Caroline Aherne was the comedy genius responsible for The Mrs Merton Show and The Royale Family. Caroline was from Manchester, the North West of England.

Caroline had a tragic life including being born with a rare form of eye cancer, being a victim of domestic violence & abuse in her marriage, suffering with depression/possibly bipolar, alcohol dependency, bladder cancer and died of lung cancer at just 52 years old.

Despite all this tragedy and suffering, she had the wonderful gift of being naturally funny. It is for this talent and skill that she is remembered by friends in the BBC’s Caroline Ahern: Queen of Comedy documentary.

This excellent documentary is well worth a watch. It showed Caroline’s love of life with TV clips and interviews with friends, her humour and the impact she had on individuals lucky enough to know her.

So go check it out. Until next time,


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World Mental Health Day 2020: The Benefits of Investing in Mental Health

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Today is World Mental Health Day. This year’s theme is investment in mental health, so with this in mind, here are some benefits of investing in mental health :

  • A healthier populous. 1 in 4 people experience mental illness at any one time . That’s a quarter of the population. Just imagine if we could reduce this statistic.
  • It would reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.
  • A better quality of life for people with mental illnesses and their families/friends.
  • Improved mood, self-awareness, coping strategies, self-esteem and relationships, for any individual with a mental illness.
  • Less people presenting in crisis due to earlier intervention.
  • A reduced suicide rate. Suicide is the biggest killer in men under the age of 45 here in the UK according to CALM.
  • Less working days missed due to mental illness. This would lead to a productivity boost.
  • More research into what interventions and medicines are effective in the treatment of mental illnesses.
  • It is cost effective, according to the World Health Organization (pages 18 & 19 ). Meaning that money invested would be returned back into society through cost savings.
  • Increase equality . Access to Healthcare is a Human Right, see my post The Human Rights Act (1998) Explained. The Human Rights Act (1998) was designed to increase equality.

I’m a strong advocate of increasing investment in mental health education and treatment.

Want to know more about mental health and mental illness? Then check out my book Mental Health Wisdom:


Write soon,


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Monitor Your Mood with this FREE Daily Mood Diary

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Social distancing and in some cases for those whom live alone social isolation can have an negative impact on mental health. We’re social animals you see. We need contact with others to remain mentally healthy.

But the key to spotting any deterioration in one’s mental health is to be aware of it. A good way to be aware of your mood is to keep a Daily Mood Diary like this:

You can download a FREE printer friendly version of this Daily Mood Diary here.

Blog soon,


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The Winners are…

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Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of the release of my book Mental Health Wisdom. To celebrate I’ve hosted a giveaway. The original plan was to giveaway x2 signed paperback copies and x1 eBook (PDF) copy to three lucky people.

Part of my hopes for 2020 are that the world has more kindness in it. It starts with me. I received 9 entries and have decided to give them all a signed paperback and eBook (PDF) each. So the winners are:

  • Jude Cookson
  • Dawn
  • Kat
  • Joanne Rimmer
  • Jennifer
  • Marie Rate
  • Debby Lockheart
  • Lisa Davies
  • Cherie

…everyone that entered.

Congratulations to you all. You should have received an email asking for your postal address and with the eBook (PDF) copy attached.

Blog soon,


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