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Mary Poppins Live at The Palace Theatre, Manchester: Marvellous, Magical and Magnificent


Mary Poppins: Outside The Palace Theatre, Manchester.


Me Outside The Palace Theatre, Manchester.

At the weekend, I went to see a matinee performance of Mary Poppins with a group of people. Mary Poppins live at The Palace Theatre, Manchester was marvellous, magical and magnificent.

On the way to the theatre, I saw a homeless man outside a shop. I did my good deed and bought him something to eat. It wasn’t much, but it was something. I always remind myself how fortunate I am when I see someone homeless. Anyone could end up homeless. All it takes is bad circumstances and some not great choices.

Once seated, the lights dimmed and the show began. The set was brilliant, switching between scenes fluidly. Sets included the victorian style living & drawing rooms, the Nursery, the park and the roof tops. There was also a vibrant and colourfully lit imaginary world that Mary Poppins’ takes the children to.

The performers were all on top form. Special mention must be made of the two children in the cast, each who played their role superbly. Singing by main characters was acceptable, dancing by all performers were in perfect time throughout, with everyone on their marks. The plot was familiar, with the odd addition, but kept its magical elements. The songs were captivating and have remained in my head, days after seeing the show.

If you like a spoon full of sugar, I’d highly recommend you go see Mary Poppins. Here’s the trailer for the show:

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