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iMac Part 1 – The Decision to Buy, Ordering & Delivery

By Sunday 22 January 2012Technology

Ever since I saw my good friend Steve’s iMac, I’ve wanted one. This desire has meant that every time I’m in Manchester, I simply had to play with iMac’s in the Apple Store.

But the thing that always stopped me from purchasing: the price. Then I sat down and worked out how much I spend on smoking and was shocked. If I stopped smoking, I could pay it off in under a year. Then my laptop started switching off the display, which I knew wouldn’t be good if I was on the elearning chat as part of my Uni course. So I ordered one online, in that funny time between Christmas and New Year.

So with it on order and me constantly checking the UPS Tracker, there was only one thing to do. Make space for it on my desk:

It seemed to take forever to arrive, probably because of bank holidays and my constant tracking due to excited anticipation, but then it did:

I haven’t done an unboxing video, but there are many apple enthusiasts that have on youtube.

So has it lived up to expectations? How’s the move from Windows to Mac been? Find out in part two!


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