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Charity begins at home?

By Saturday 7 March 2009Music & Radio, Rants

Radio 1 has done my head in this week! To the point were I have actually turned it off. I have felt bombarded in my own car!

Chris Moyles and some other celebs have been climbing Mount. Kilimanjaro for Comic relief and all I’ve heard all week is donate, donate, donate. Calls from the Dj’s inbetween each song, countless adds for it (I mean the BBC is suppose to be an add free service – that’s why we pay our TV licences).

Now there’s two things here:
1. Repeatly been asked to donate (that has triggered this rant)
2. Charity begins at home.

1st – I don’t mind being asked once, twice or even daily. But what seems like 100’s of times in a day? Come on.

2nd – To me charity begins at home. I am broke as are many of my family and friends due to the credit crunch and we are in debt. In fact some of my friend’s are struggling to eat well and also struggling to pay the bills to keep the roof over their heads. So if I had any free cash to give to charity – I would much rather give it to my family or friends to support them in this difficult time.

Is this right? Do you think Charity begins at home?

Take heed Radio 1 you will loose listeners repeatly bombarding us with charity appeals. And I for one will not be tunning in again until comic relief is over.

Rant Over,


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One Comment

  • Sye says:

    I agree with what your saying, hell nobody’s suffering the peniless credit crunch more than I (fiver in the bank, no-way to get to uni this week, that sort of thing,) But I suppose comic relief is once every what, four years is it? I guess they’d be hoping we would have time to save money for charity in the four year interval.

    I don’t think they are going to make much this year given the current economic climate, I’m dressing up, but thats because I want to show my support, I may not have enough money but I do still care what happens to the homeless families in africa and the UK.

    See thats the trick, if you can’t afford to give anything to charity, get sponsored and have people give on your behalf! plus it gives me a chance to act silly for the day.

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