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…and it’s all good!

I know I have started to feel stuck in a rutt. So I decided to get myself out of it!

I went to an apartment block to see if their were apartments to rent but soon discovered on entering the sales office that there weren’t. But with the encouragement of a work colleague (and friend) we viewed two apartments. The second I loved!

So yes, I’ve decided to buy. If I can. I have reserved it and am meeting with a Financial Advisor (who’m I have already been in communication with) and we are going to put an application in. So I don’t want to give any further details at present or supply photos, until I’m certain.

But if all goes well, I could be moving out of this house-share in 6 weeks or less! Yippee!

I would like to thank my family, friends and work colleagues who have had loads of open and honest conversations with me. You have been a invaluable source of support – allowing me to use you as sounding boards. However special thanks must go to (in no particular order): Simon, Mum & David. They have been fantastic! Thank you.

Update you soon,

Antony x

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  • Mike says:

    Wow, that’s so exciting. I’m really happy for you; this is what you’ve wanted for a while and it sounds a really positive step forward. We DO want pics and stats in due course of course…


  • Antony says:

    Yeah, it’s exciting. 🙂 But also has made me really, really busy (work was already busy!).

    A very positive step forward. I have been credit checked (all clear!!), and now need to meet the mortage man and deal with the solitisers letter.

    And then of course there’s the shopping for the bits and bats of furniture I will need.

    A x

  • Sye says:

    Yes, jolly good show, Im guessing the new place is in manchester? 😮

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