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A List of 56 Things To Do While Self-Isolating

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Self-Isolation means no get-togethers.

More and more people are going to be self-isolating in the coming weeks. So here’s a list of Things To Do for people that are self-isolating:

  1. Read a book – if you don’t have any at home, remember that you can download them via Amazon Kindle.
  2. Go for a walk – spending time in nature is great for mental health, just remember that you should be walking alone.
  3. Watch a new series on Netflix – have a browse or message family and friends for suggestions.
  4. Spring clean / deep clean – clean those areas you have been putting off. If you can get rid of some clutter, all the better.
  5. Learn to cook a new meal – There are loads of recipes online.
  6. Play computer games – I’m currently enjoying playing Prison Architect, Stellaris and Civilization 6.
  7. Paint a landscape.
  8. Do a jigsaw – There are plenty of these that can be bought online without leaving your home.
  9. Listen to music.
  10. Dance to music.
  11. Treat yourself to something on Amazon.
  12. Enjoy a long bath or shower.
  13. Sort through the Apps on your phone, iPad/tablet and computers.
  14. Organise paperwork – We all have paperwork (bank statements, bills and the like) that could do with organising. Self-isolation is the perfect opportunity to get it all organised.
  15. Watch all the Disney films you own.
  16. Watch all the Harry Potter Films in order.
  17. Write a novel.
  18. Learn to play an instrument.
  19. Go for a drive – Just avoid places that people tend to congregate.
  20. Meditate or practice Mindfulness.
  21. Call/text/message/FaceTime others – for that essential social contact.
  22. Write out meal plans and stick to them.
  23. Read up on a topic from history.
  24. Spend some quality time with pets.
  25. Read some inspirational quotes.
  26. Write a ‘To Do’ list and then action it.
  27. Imagine being on holiday.
  28. Watch some comedy or stand-up comedy.
  29. Learn to knit then knit something.
  30. Start a gratitude journal.
  31. Take a nap.
  32. Do something you’ve been putting off.
  33. Sort through and edit photos on your phone.
  34. Create your own board game.
  35. Learn a new language.
  36. Colour in an adult colouring book.
  37. Listen to Podcasts.
  38. Create a video for YouTube.
  39. Watch videos on YouTube.
  40. Make a vision board.
  41. Rearrange furniture in a room.
  42. Do Gardening.
  43. Wash your hands.
  44. Write letters to friends and family and send them through the post. I love this idea as I love receiving any mail that isn’t bills.
  45. Decide what you’d do if you won the lottery.
  46. Decide what you’d do if there was a zombie apocalypse.
  47. Give up something non-essential such as smoking or chocolate
  48. Dress up for the evening – This could be putting on formal attire or dressing up in costumes.
  49. Do crosswords.
  50. Sort through your wardrobe .
  51. Bake cakes.
  52. Make a ‘stock list’ of all the food that you have.
  53. Learn to read Tarot.
  54. Make candles or at least burn candles with awesome fragrances. If you’re looking for candles, I sell them here.
  55. Get Take Away delivered to your door.
  56. Plan how you will celebrate when the epidemic is over.

Blog soon,


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Harry Potter Studio Tour and London with Mum

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This week mum and I went on a coach trip with National Holidays. We went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and spent some time in London city centre.

Here are some collages of photos from the Harry Potter Studio Tour, click on any photo for full size image:


The Goblet of Fire Photos.


Forbidden Forest Photos.


Hogwarts Express Photos.


Props Photos.


Weasley Shop Props.


Knight Bus Photos.


Inside Privet Drive Photos.


Other Cool Stuff Photos.

Even though mum and I had been before, there were plenty of things we hadn’t seen on our last visit. I’ve only included photos things we didn’t see last time in this blog post. Things we didn’t see last time included: The Goblet of Fire, The Forbidden Forest, The Hogwarts Express and inside Privet Drive.

There were plenty of things that we saw last time. I was great to see that they had significantly increased the interactive activities for visitors.

It was brilliant to see that they are building an extension to include things from the new Fantastic Beasts films series (of which there will be 5 films).

Here’s one final photo of Mum with a Hedwig puppet. We took a similar photo last time, how many times do you have to do something before it becomes a tradition?


Mum with Hedwig Puppet.

The next day mum and I were released into the wild of London city centre. We saw the Houses of Parliament, the scaffolding-covered Big Ben, the High Courts and my favourite St. James Park.

St. James Park is a lovely park that is like a natural oasis within one of the world’s most busy cities. There’s a bit of a family story to St. James Park.

When my mum was a little girl, she lived in London with her mum and dad (my grandma and granddad). Every Sunday, while her mum was making the Sunday dinner, her dad would take her to watch the changing of the Guard and then into St. James Park to feed the ducks.

Here are some photo collages from photos I took in St. James Park:


St. James Park, London. Photo collage by me (1).


St. James Park, London. Photo collage by me (2).

Mum and I had a fantastic time and will no doubt do the trip again in a couple of years.

Mum and I did a similar trip at the end of 2014. You can read and see pictures here: London Trip, Part 1 and London Trip, Part 2.

Write soon,



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My Yearly Review – 2014

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This year I did very little in the Spring, a lot in the Summer, bits in the Autumn and Winter. Here’s what I’ve been up to this year, click on any photo for full size image:



Sye & Me at Barry Humphries Show

Sye and I went to see Barry Humphries: The Eat, Pray and Laugh Farewell Tour. We had a great time. Here are some photos:

dame-edna-march-2014 dame-edna-march-2014 dame-edna-march-2014


Penrhos Cottage near Corris Adam and Andy's cottage

Simon popping his head out of The Lovely Cottage

Simon and I went to Mid-Wales to The Lovely Penrhos Cottage for the weekend. While there we took the time to relax. The Saturday it was gloriously sunny and hot, so we went to Aberdovey Beach. On the Sunday we went to King Arthur’s Labyrinth.

I published my short story The Good Teen. The Good Teen is a modern-day telling of The Good Samaritan parable, with a hint of magic. I wrote it after I saw a call for submissions from the BBC Radio 4 ‘Opening Lines’ programme. Unfortunately it wasn’t accepted, but it’s still a good story – even if I do say so myself.



Rivington: A Gorgeous View

I spent several days walking around Rivington. I feel fortunate to have such a beautiful and gorgeous natural place close by.

My at-the-time boyfriend and I went to Blackpool to the Sealife Centre and Madame Tussauds. We saw various fish and waxworks respectively.

Steve and I went watching The Lady Boys of Bangkok in Manchester. We were both slightly disappointed with the Lady Boys to be honest, but it was still good to get out and we even managed a few alcofrolic drinks afterwards.


Manchester Museum Gorgosaurus Skeleton

Gorgosaurus Skeleton

I watched After The Dark (The Philosophers), which became my favourite film of 2014.

My at-the-time boyfriend and I went to Lancashire Science Festival 2014 which was both educational and intriguing. Plus it had free parking!

My at-the-time boyfriend, his housemates and I visited Manchester Museum. I loved the dinosaur exhibit.


light-michael-grant-book-cover I had my blog Theme Redesigned by TRH Development. I started Being Creative Everyday and sharing some of the results on the blog.

I felt saddened at the unexpected death of Robin Williams and began thinking about the importance of good mental & emotional health.

I read and reviewed Light by Michael Grant, which was the last book in The Gone Series. I thoroughly enjoyed The Gone Series which was about kids being trapped in a Dome without adults and developing powers.


Wales animalarium lemur

Animalarium: Lemur

I got some Amazing Illustrations from the Talented Sye Watts for my blog. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend.

A friend and I went to stay for a weekend at Penrhos Cottage and visited the Animalarium, which is Borth’s Zoo on the way home. There where some lovely animals there that looked well cared for.


pagan-stone-circle-large Chrys, Simon, others and I celebrated Samhain!



Various Magical Creatures.

My at-the-time boyfriend and I broke up.

I made small Charitable Donations to JDRF, The Human Rights Campaign (US), The Brain Tumour Charity (UK) and to make a film about the sell-off of the NHS.

Mum and I went on a Trip to London where we shopped and visited The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour.



Some Presents I’ve Wrapped for Christmas

Christmas has been relaxed, enjoyable and fun. I have celebrated it with family and friends. People have kindly bought presents for me:


Presents Kindly Bought For Me.

But the best thing was the opportunity to spend time with people that I love.

Next year I’ll be spreading out activities, experiences and goals throughout the year. So keep an eye out for my Goals & New Experiences for 2015 blog post.

Blog soon,


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London Trip, Part 2: The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Last Sunday mum and I went to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We were lucky as it was all Hogwarts in the Snow ready for Christmas. It’s a place that’s better shown than described, so here’s ample photos:


Left to Right: Entrance outside; Entrance Inside with Christmas Tree; Gift shop; Collection of Wands in Gift shop; J.K. Rowling Quote; Cupboard Under The Stairs.


Left to Right: The Great Hall Entrance; Inside The Great Hall; Gryffindor uniforms; costumes for Hagrid and Flich; costumes for Mcgonagall, Dumbledoor and Snape; Sedway, Moody and Trelawny.


Left to Right: Cloke of Invisibility; Yule Ball costumes; Ron’s Yule Ball costume; More costumes; Harry Potter’s costumes; a flaming Christmas pudding.


Left to Right: Gryffindor door common room (top two); Gryffindor dormitories (bottom two).


Left to Right: clock; Wizard’s Chest piece; Wall of Decrees and long ladder; Various magical props; stairwell; Mirror of Erised.


Snape’s (and Later Slughorn’s) Potion class set.


Left: Portraits. Right: Animal Actors.


Dumbledoor’s Office.


Various Doors.


Left to Right: Quidditch display; Horcrux display; Room of Requirement Deatheater prop; Moody’s chest; Remus Suitcase.


Showing how the special effects were made.


Top: The Burrow (two photos). Bottom: Malfoy Manor and Umbridge’s Office.


Top: Might is Magic Statue and Ministry Entrance. Bottom: Ministry interior and Prophecy ball props.


Left to Right (Outside): Me in a Waterproof poncho; Potters’ Cottage; Hogwarts Bridge; The Night Bus.


Left to Right: Various Goblin heads; Fawkes the Phoenix (two photos); Greyback’s face; Werewolve; various props (including Dobby’s head).


Various Magical Creatures.


To scale Actor/Actress Models.


Diagon Alley 1.


Diagon Alley 2: The Weasley’s.


The level of detail for the films was incredible. Design sketches, paper models, product design – everything designed from scratch based on the books.


The Finale – Hogwarts Castle with Snow and a Quote from J.K. Rowling.

We had a great time with The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour exceeding expectations. If you’re a fan of the films, I recommended you go. It shows you how the films were made, but somehow doesn’t mean that they loose their magic.

Blog soon,


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