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You asked in a poll I ran for a Zombie Story and I will deliver. Here are details of my new book:

The Z-Virus mutates people’s DNA. The majority of infected people become zombies, but a minority seem immune but the virus causes them to develop powers. 

At first these powers like invisibility, telepathy and telekinesis aided survival. But as the Z-Virus continues to mutate, the powers become more and more destructive.

Forced with no other choice, one group goes in search of a cure. But will they survive the roaming zombie hordes long enough to make an epic journey across the country to find the cure?

Join Alexis, Vis, Chan, Luke, Natalie, Grace, Chloe, Kyle, David and Goliath on this journey in Z-Virus Powers, the first installment of this three part story.

Due for release: End of 2024.

This is my first foray into fiction. I’m really enjoying writing the first draft – it’s so much fun.

Write soon,


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