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The-Good-Teen-Cover The Good Teen is a modern-day telling of The Good Samaritan parable, with a hint of magic.

I saw a call for submissions from the BBC Radio 4 ‘Opening Lines’ programme. I wrote, edited and submitted The Good Teen, but unfortunately haven’t heard anything, meaning that it has not been accepted.

Download: The Good Teen (PDF)

Here is what I learnt from writing this story:

  • To say more with less words.
  • The use of short sentences in action scenes and elongated sentences on slower scenes.
  • More about good pacing of stories.
  • That I didn’t really need the last sentence “Then Alfred’s eyes widened, as he realised that Luke was his Good Samaritan.” for anything other than word count.

I welcome feedback, comments and constructive criticism for The Good Teen. You can post a comment here or contact me.

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Last Updated: Wednesday 30th December 2015.

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