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bengal kittens

My Favourite Blog Post For Each Year

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While we are self-isolating and only allowed to make essential journeys, I decided to share my favourite blog post for each year that the blog has been online.

2019 – The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days
I chose this blog post for the weather, the time spent in nature with good friends and the photos.

2018 – Chester Zoo with Jayne
I chose this blog post for the animals. I love animals and it’s always great to see them. I got to spend quality time with my good friend Jayne on this day and the weather was lovely. Plus the post has plenty of photos.

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2017 – Causes For Celebration
I chose this post because lots of positive things happening to me at the time, including landing my dream job.

2016 – My Thirtieth Birthday
I chose this because of a meal with family and friends. It is perhaps the best birthday I’ve ever had. And just look at the cake:

My 30th Birthday Cake: Minion Bob.

2015 – A Celebration of Love: Mum & Ian’s Wedding
I chose this post because I have never seen my mum happier than on her Wedding Day and in the relationship she is in with her husband Ian (I call him my Papa). It was truly a special day and one to remember.

2014 – Mid-Wales, Part 1: The Lovely Penrhos Cottage
My good friend Simon and I had a lovely weekend away in Mid-Wales. There are photos of the cottage we stayed in. You can also see part 2 here.

2013 – TED Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius
I chose this post as it is my all-time favourite TED Talk.

Honorable mention must also go to Mel Bossa’s Latest Book: In His Secret Life, the author very kindly sent me a signed copy of her book.

2012 – Growing Up Gay: My Story
I chose this as I just loved the photo of me:

2011 – A Long FANTASTIC Bank Holiday Weekend
I chose this post as I went to visit two of my bengal cats as kittens and the photos on the post are super cute.

2010 – Book Review: The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett
I chose this as this book is perhaps my all-time favourite stand alone novel. I’ve re-read it several times.

2009 – Pagan Festivals
I chose this post as it describes pagan festivals easily.

2008 – Reiki one – Qualified
I chose this as I am proud to be a Reiki practitioner.

There you have it. I hope you’ve found it as entertaining as I have putting together the list.

Take care and blog soon,


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The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days

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The long Bank Holiday has been four lovely days. The sunshine has been out and it has been warm. Really warm. There’s nothing more pleasant than being sat in the sun and feeling it warming your skin. I have done plenty of this over the weekend.

On Friday, my good friend Steve and I went out for a lovely pub lunch. The next day I saw family, including one of my brothers, his fiancée, one of my nephews and my mum. My brother and his fiancée made tea.

Sunday I treated myself to some pagan gifts for my birthday that’s in May. I also bought a couple of little presents for a few people. All online. I know that you’re not supposed to buy people presents for your birthday, but I couldn’t resist. I will share more details and photos on this blog soon. But that wasn’t all I did on Sunday.

I went for a canal-side walk, caught up on cleaning at home, worked on some creative projects (including a web-based App for my health and promotion of Mental Health Wisdom book), played with and looked after my cats. Here’s a couple of photos from my canal-side walk:


Canal-side Walk (1).


Canal-side Walk (2).

We are really lucky are surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Today (Monday), my good friend Kay and I went for a cheeseburger, a Pepsi and a lovely long walk in Rivington. Here are some photos:


A Selfie, taken with the selfie feature on my Samsung S10 Plus.




Me (I know, I need to loose a some weight, I’m working on it).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (1).


Rivington – Beautiful Scenery (2).


Kay and I walked up to Pigeon Tower, Rivington.

Kay and I did manage to forget how to get back to the car and where we’d parked. Totally my fault. Rivington always feels like a maze, its many entrances and exits take you to different places. I can never figure out my way around the place. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to spend more time there.

Hope you had a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Take care,



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My New Kitten Nicholas (Black Bengal) & Introducing Him to Dylan and Russell (My Two Bengal Cats)

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At the weekend, I bought a playmate for my two Bengal cats. His name is Nicholas (Nick) for short. He’s a black Bengal, which are incredibly rare, apparently 1 in 10,000. Here are some photos:


Nicholas (or Nick) my black Bengal kitten.


Nicholas’ space, only lasted a couple of hours.


Nicholas’ was about to jump over the wall I’d made. This meant he needed constant monitoring. I felt like a guard in the Night’s Watch in The Game of Thrones.


Nicholas rubbing against his cat tree.


Nicholas playing (1).


Nicholas playing (2).

Introducing him to the boys and the household has not been without tension. Dylan has begun hissing at Russ and Nick. Russ hisses back. Dylan and Russell are litter mates and have always been together. However they are slowly getting used to each other.

It has made me super anxious, as I’ve never introduced a new kitten to a household with cats. But having read around on the Internet and spoken with others that have introduced new kittens to cat households, all seems to be going really well.

I will keep you updated. Blog soon,



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From Kittens to Cats

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I have two gorgeous bengal cats named Dylan and Russell. I’ve had them since kittens and watched them grow into cats. Here are photos showing their transition from kittens to cats:



2011: Dylan.


2011: Russell.


2011: Russell (left) & Dylan (right).



2012: Dylan (left) & Russell (right).


2012: Dylan (left) & Russell (right).


2012: Dylan (foreground) & Russell (background).



2013: Dylan.


2013: Russell.


2013: Russell (right) & Dylan (left).



2014: Dylan.


2014: Russell.



2015: Russell (sat left beside me) & Dylan (sat on my knee).



2016: Dylan.


2016: Russell.



2017: Russell (left) & Dylan (right).


2017: Dylan (foreground) & Russell (background).

Blog soon,



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