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Reiki one – Qualified

By Sunday 14 September 2008Life, Paganism

I am pleased to announce I am now Reiki One qualified. I shall be looking for opportunities to practice what I have learned. Most of the course content I already knew (charka system, drawing down energy from the universe, etc.) however there was a number of things I also learnt (history of reiki, hand positions, etc.).

There was a focus on an exchange for Reiki which I found most interesting. So if someone asks for reiki they need to give something in exchange (wheather it be money, a gift, or a service). This way the person values the reiki given and it supports me in my time.

There has been talk about going on to Reiki 2, but I shall wait. The cards I have picked up as part of one of the exercises on the course have talked about change and new beginnings. So I wish to get my life a little bit more settled before considering Reiki 2. In addition to this, I am required to do three months practice prior to progression on the next degree.

Keeping you informed,


Edited: 14 September 08 @ 22:30

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