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My Favourite Blog Post For Each Year

By Sunday 5 April 2020Life, Nature, Thinking

While we are self-isolating and only allowed to make essential journeys, I decided to share my favourite blog post for each year that the blog has been online.

2019 – The Bank Holiday Weekend: 4 Lovely Days
I chose this blog post for the weather, the time spent in nature with good friends and the photos.

2018 – Chester Zoo with Jayne
I chose this blog post for the animals. I love animals and it’s always great to see them. I got to spend quality time with my good friend Jayne on this day and the weather was lovely. Plus the post has plenty of photos.

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2017 – Causes For Celebration
I chose this post because lots of positive things happening to me at the time, including landing my dream job.

2016 – My Thirtieth Birthday
I chose this because of a meal with family and friends. It is perhaps the best birthday I’ve ever had. And just look at the cake:

My 30th Birthday Cake: Minion Bob.

2015 – A Celebration of Love: Mum & Ian’s Wedding
I chose this post because I have never seen my mum happier than on her Wedding Day and in the relationship she is in with her husband Ian (I call him my Papa). It was truly a special day and one to remember.

2014 – Mid-Wales, Part 1: The Lovely Penrhos Cottage
My good friend Simon and I had a lovely weekend away in Mid-Wales. There are photos of the cottage we stayed in. You can also see part 2 here.

2013 – TED Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius
I chose this post as it is my all-time favourite TED Talk.

Honorable mention must also go to Mel Bossa’s Latest Book: In His Secret Life, the author very kindly sent me a signed copy of her book.

2012 – Growing Up Gay: My Story
I chose this as I just loved the photo of me:

2011 – A Long FANTASTIC Bank Holiday Weekend
I chose this post as I went to visit two of my bengal cats as kittens and the photos on the post are super cute.

2010 – Book Review: The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett
I chose this as this book is perhaps my all-time favourite stand alone novel. I’ve re-read it several times.

2009 – Pagan Festivals
I chose this post as it describes pagan festivals easily.

2008 – Reiki one – Qualified
I chose this as I am proud to be a Reiki practitioner.

There you have it. I hope you’ve found it as entertaining as I have putting together the list.

Take care and blog soon,


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