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Thirty Two Today – My Birthday Plans

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Good morning everyone,

Today is my thirty second birthday. I’m not actually sat here writing this, it’s a scheduled post.


I’m Thirty Two Today!

My birthday plans include a well-earned break from work for a week.

Today I’m off to Newcastle to see castles with Simon. In fact we are probably already on our way as this post is published. There are two English Heritage castles nearby that we want to see, along with Newcastle Castle.

Later in the week, mum and I are off to re-visit Harry Potter Studio Tour. You can see photos from when first visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour in 2014 here.

So expect to see blog posts about the above soon. In the meantime have an awesome week.

Write soon,



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A List of Things I’ve Done on a Week of Annual Leave

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I’ve just been off work for a week on much needed annual leave. I’ve had a great week off, the weather has been warm, but with intermittent sun and showers. Here’s a list of things I’ve done:

  • Had plenty of rest and relaxation – including some naps here and there.
  • Finished reading Carrie by Stephen King and reviewed it.
  • Attended Wigan Pride (gay pride event), organised by BYOU+. It was a great event which included: a parade led by the legendary Sir Ian Mckellen (better known to some as Gandalf or X-Men’s Magneto), a stage with local performers performing (also opened by Mckellen) and a marketplace of information stalls. BYOU+ and the residence of Wigan did Wigan proud and it is an event that I shall look forward to attending again in the future. Here are some photos from the day:

Wigan Pride Parade (1)


Wigan Pride Parade (2)


Wigan Pride Parade (3)


Wigan Pride Parade (4)


Wigan Pride Parade (5)


The closest I could get to Sir Ian Mckellen (under the rainbow brolly).


Wigan Pride Main Stage


Sir Ian Mckellen opening the main stage (1)


Sir Ian Mckellen opening the main stage (2)


A photo of a rainbow from my bedroom window.

Blog soon,


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