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A round-up of 2008

By Sunday 28 December 2008Life

Hi All,

Thought I would give you a round-up of 2008. Here are the main events of the year:

  • February – Moved from Nurses accomodation to a private house-share.
  • May – Went to Scotland, Ireland and Wales on a Road Trip
  • June – The new site design was launched (see Welcome to the notice board of!)
  • July – Went to see Kylie, met David (see Thanks to the attractive stranger)
  • August – Attended Pride with David
  • September – Completed Reiki One (see Reiki One – Qualified)
  • October – Applied for job, got it. Went to see Dylan Moran (see A mad week!) and did Samhain ritual with David (see Samhain Ritual, goes well).
  • November – Went to see Russell Howard (see Russell Howard, Campness & Heating) & The Feeling (see The Feeling were Awesome!).

    So there you go. What a busy year it’s been. I should mention that this post was actually written about a week ago, using the edit timestamp feature on my new blogging software, that I love. So it will keep you updated, even when I’m not about!

    Wishing you the absolutely best New Years,


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