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A mad week!

Hello All,

What a mad week it’s bin, eh? Here’s how my week has been:

Monday – worked all day and evening.

Tuesday – Worked till 2pm taking flexi for working the evening yesterday. Sye (see Sye’s blog) and I went to see Dylan Moran. Dylan was very funny, although I couldn’t relax as I knew I have my job on Wednesday (see Good & Bad news). Dylan didn’t like the use of camera’s but I managed to get a few pics:

Wednesday – I had my interview in the morning. I didn’t feel confident going in to the interview and felt like I waffled my way through the presentation and interview that followed. I got the inital call after I had just asked a question in class and had to call my manager back.

It was either going to be an offer of permanent employment or not. I was apparently the best applicant (despite that I felt I stumbled through it), and was offered the job. I accepted the offer.

With all the adrenaline from Wednesday I didn’t sleep well through the night.

Thursday – I woke up with styes on my eyes and feeling nackered. Usually I work Thursday evenings, but it was cancled. So I made an important decision to stay in an open a bottle of white wine. I was feeling a bit deflated and a little in need of a good laugh, so I went on YouTube. This is oneof the videos below made me laugh aloud:


Gay Boyfriend

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Happy Watching!

Friday – Was a day at work. In the evening, I just chilled out. I needed it. It has been a odd week.

Plans for Saturday & Sunday – Well today (Saturday) I intend to visit my mum (she’s cooking sunday dinner!). I had planned to see David but….

The David Situation
We really haven’t communicated this week on both sides. A few text messages & no calls. I was accused of ignoring his text last night (I was alseep). And apparently I have cut him off this entire week. It has been a mad week, and maybe I have cut him off. But that’s the way I needed to be to deal with this mamoth week. I have done nothing wrong. I am quite angry at him for his accusation that it is ‘my fault’ as communication is a two way thing.

I think maybe he want’s too much off me. Perhaps I can’t give him what he needs? Perhaps I am too independant? As he would say ‘Who knows?’.

I am thankful for the good times we have shared (such as Tatton Park), but don’t know what the future holds or if indeed there is one.


Wesite News
I have altered the mini poll so it is on rotate. So get voting to have your say on my site:

I also recieved an email this week from Amazon stating they have reduced their minimum order for free delivery to £5 from £15, so it’s the perfect time to begin your online christmas shopping. If you use the links on this site, I also get commision.

Coming up on the website:

  • Paganism – Recommended Reading page, finally done.
  • Something added to the projects page.

Blog soon,


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