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Teenage couple saved from lightening strike by Ipod

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A teenage couple were in the news a few weeks ago (see, they where saved by the girl being “plugged in” to her ipod and by holding hands.

This made me realise two things:
1. I recently give my Ipod to my mum.
2. I now don’t have a partner to hold hands with (see David & Housewarming)

Which means I am stuffed if I get struck by lightening. So keep your fingers crossed that it never happens.

Finally it made me realise that – wow – maybe love does conquer all.

Write soon,


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Glad to hear he is well

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I was killing some time before the panto (went to see Alladin with my mum & gran this weeknd), window shopping shoes and listening to the new Girls Aloud Album on my iPod. When all of a sudden out of no where someone appeared in my face and said Hi.

It was an ex-partner. I was glad to hear hear he was well. I am pleased it was not awkard, we were able to catch up and then go our own seperate ways.

Panto was good fun and made better by the fact David came round afterwards.

Write about random events soon,


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