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Last Weekend: The Man Date & The Family BBQ

By Friday 7 July 2017Friends & Family, Happiness & Joy

Last weekend was great. I had my semiregular Man Date with a straight friend on Saturday. We dined in style at a posh place, caught up and then went back to his for more talk and brews.

I went to my mum’s for a family BBQ on Sunday with glorious summer weather. It was fantastic for the extended family to get together and have time to talk and connect.

This has been my mantra for the last few weeks, it’s how I feel and what I’ve told to anyone that will listen:


This weekend I’m going to see La Cage Aux Folles with Simon and Chrys and to see Despicable Me 3 with Steve. Here’s a trailer for Despicable Me 3:

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Hope you all have a brilliant weekend,


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