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24 Jars

By Wednesday 21 September 2016Friends & Family, Life, The Web, Thinking

1 of the 24 Jars.

24 jars (like the one left) have arrived today for my next creative project.

I’m going to be making red jar candles, scented with hot cinnamon for Yule/Christmas presents.

I’m going to use glass marker pens to draw patterns (or possibly designs), so that as the candle burns down it looks like stained glass with the sun behind it.

This month I will receive the supplies needed: 24 jars, 1KG of paraffin candle wax, red dye, hot cinnamon fragrance oil, wicks and glass marker pens.

Next month I will buy the tools needed: a wooden spoon, a melting pot and a food thermometer. Then I will begin production, starting with a one-candle trial.

I can’t wait to get started on this creative project. I’ve been watching many candle making videos on YouTube. It looks like such fun. I have a feeling that it will either be a huge success or a complete disaster.

I will keep you updated on my progress on this blog.

Blog soon,



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