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Incorporating Flowers, Herbs, Resins, Roots & Barks into My Witchcraft Thanks to The Lancashire Witch

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I’ve been a Witch for a long time. I’ve even co-authored a book on magic called SpellCast – Folk Magic for the 21st Century. But those of you who know my Witchy side well, know I’m great with candles, crystals and essential oils. But not so great with flowers, plants and trees.

It isn’t that I don’t like flowers, plants and trees, I do, I just didn’t know much about the magical uses of them in spell work. That was until I started having some good conversations with the Witch herself: The Lancashire Witch.

Yarrow, Star Anise & Oak.

Sally the owner of The Lancashire Witch is a good friend of mine. The Lancashire Witch is a traditional witchcraft shop, both in bricks and mortar in Leyland, Lancashire and online.

The Lancashire Witch sells a wide selection of Herbs, Resins, Roots, Bones, Flowers & Barks. So I’ve started my own collection bought from The Lancashire Witch. Here is my current list of flowers, plants and trees I have in stock at home and their associated magical properties:

  • Aniseed – Protection, Astral Travel, Psychic Abilities, Road Opener.
  • Bay Leaves – Money, Abundance, Success, Love & Healing. Wish Magic & Money.
  • Burdock Root – Strength, Cleansing & Protection.
  • Calendula – Happiness & Joy, Healing, Divination.
  • Carnation Flowers – Healing, Courage & Bravery. Love.
  • Chamomile – Road Opener, Promotes Good Sleep & Reduces Anxiety.
  • Chili – Magical Booster, Passion & Lust.
  • Coconut – Healing, Protection & Fertility.
  • Eucalyptus – Clarity, Healing & Cleansing.
  • Fennel Seeds – Fertility, Healing & Love.
  • Ginger – Magical Boost, Passion & Protection. Speeds Up Magic.
  • Jasmine – Reduces Anxiety, Aids Relaxation & Money Magic.
  • Mistletoe – Good Luck, Wealth & Fertility.
  • Oak Bark – Success, Stability & Strength.
  • Orange Slices (Dried) – Happiness, Friendship & Prosperity. Clarity & Focus.
  • Rose – Love (Romantic or Self-Love), Healing & Beauty.
  • Rosemary – Wisdom, Love & Aids Sleep.
  • Sage – Home Blessing, Longevity & Wisdom.
  • Sandalwood -Dispels Negative Energy, Wishes & Peace.
  • Star Anise – Protection, Good Luck & Psychic Abilities.
  • Thyme – Healing, Good Sleep & Bravery.
  • Valerian – Improving Relationships, Protection & Peace. Return to Sender Magic.
  • Yarrow – Cleansing, Love & Healing.

I plan on adding more to my collection as time goes by.

The Lancashire Witch also do some incense mixes that smell incredible, you can see them here.

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The Finished Product

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Well here it is…The Finished Product. Here are photos of my homemade hot cinnamon candles that will be Christmas/Yule presents for family and friends:


The Finished Product: My homemade candles look great.

The Finished Product: My homemade candles look great (1).

The Finished Product: Just 1 of the 22 completed (unlit).


The Finished Product: As I have only made 22, each one is numbered.


The Finished Product: Of course I had to light my trial jar to test the scent throw. As it happens it’s awesome and smells amazing (1).


The Finished Product: Of course I had to light my trial jar to test the scent throw. As it happens it’s awesome and smells amazing (2).

A lot of hard work went into them. The results are spectacular, even if I do say so myself. They look great and smell amazing – both when not lit and lit.

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Trial Run

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Trial Run – The 1st Batch of my homemade hot cinnamon candles.

Here (photoed left) is the result of my trial run of making homemade hot cinnamon candles for Christmas/Yule presents. It needs some finishing touches: a final wax top up, trimming of the wick and then some possible design/patterns using glass marker pens.

Learning from the 1st batch:

  • I will need three times the amount of paraffin wax, red dye and hot cinnamon scent I thought I would need in order to complete all of the 24 jars.
  • They have come out looking great and smell amazing.
  • I probably wont need to use the glass marker pens to add designs or pattens on to the jars, as they look fantastic as they are.

I’ll be sure to share some photos when I have the finished products.

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24 Jars

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1 of the 24 Jars.

24 jars (like the one left) have arrived today for my next creative project.

I’m going to be making red jar candles, scented with hot cinnamon for Yule/Christmas presents.

I’m going to use glass marker pens to draw patterns (or possibly designs), so that as the candle burns down it looks like stained glass with the sun behind it.

This month I will receive the supplies needed: 24 jars, 1KG of paraffin candle wax, red dye, hot cinnamon fragrance oil, wicks and glass marker pens.

Next month I will buy the tools needed: a wooden spoon, a melting pot and a food thermometer. Then I will begin production, starting with a one-candle trial.

I can’t wait to get started on this creative project. I’ve been watching many candle making videos on YouTube. It looks like such fun. I have a feeling that it will either be a huge success or a complete disaster.

I will keep you updated on my progress on this blog.

Blog soon,



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