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Book Review: Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella

By Tuesday 22 December 2015Amazon, Books & Authors, Reviews
shopaholic-to-the-rescue-kinsella-book-cover Shopaholic to the Stars, which I have reviewed here ended on a cliff hanger. So I couldn’t wait to read Shopaholic to the Rescue by the fabulous Sophie Kinsella. And Kinsella didn’t disappoint.

In Shopaholic to the Rescue, Becky is on the hunt for her father, Tarkie (Suze’s husband) who have gone missing with a dodgy character called Bruce. In the RV is Becky, Luke, Minnie, Becky’s mother, Janice (Becky’s mother’s best friend), Suze (Becky’s best friend) and Alicia Bitch Long-legs. There’s a growing gap between Becky and Suze, one that Alicia is taking advantage of to become Suze’s new best friend. Danny joins the crew to.

Can Becky solve the mystery of her father’s sudden disappearance? Can she find her father and help him to put right an injustice? Can she find Tarkie and build a bridge across the gap to Suze? Can she find out what Alicia Bitch Long-Legs is up to? In short: can Becky put everything right?

Shopaholic to the Rescue pinnacle of the Shopaholic Series, but also of Kinsella’s ability to write comedy. There is literally a laugh on every page of this addictive page turner. As with every other book in the Shopaholic series, in between chapters are littered with entertaining letters, emails or texts of response mostly from Derek Smeath (her former Bank Manager).

All of the characters grow and develop, but what was most outstanding is that Becky’s character also grew. Becky has so many internal struggles going on and guilt in Shopaholic to the Rescue, that she looses her mojo, and even, dare I say it? Finds no pleasure in shopping and has no desire to shop. The plot is enjoyably predictable with an ingenious ending. The pacing is perfect.

Overall Shopaholic to the Rescue is a superb addition to the Shopaholic Series. A thoroughly entertaining and captivating read. A must read for fans of the Shopaholic series.

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