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7 Things That Remind Me It’s Christmas

By Monday 1 December 2014Friends & Family, Happiness & Joy, Paganism

7. Holidays are coming! Coca Cola advert.

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6. The scent of a cinnamon candle.

The Finished Product: Of course I had to light my trial jar to test the scent throw. As it happens it’s awesome and smells amazing (2).

5. Watching The Muppets Christmas Carol.
4. Celebrating Yule.
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3. Spending hours wrapping presents.
Christmas Presents Wrapped

The Presents for Others Wrapped

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2. Spending Time with Friends and Family.

1. Visiting Grandparents.

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Updated 01/12/18: Changed Youtube video as old video removed from Youtube. Changed images for cinnamon candle and Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

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