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Elephant cups…and more news!

By Tuesday 26 August 2008Gay, Gigs & Shows, Life, Love & Relationships

I have been seeing more of the attractive stranger, also known as David recently. Quite some weeks ago we went in to a shop called Shared Earth in Manchester. It’s an ethnic shop, filled with bright mutli-coloured objects, usually that are hand made and fair trade. I made a comment about liking some Elephant cups that I saw.

They where two cups in a pair that had their arms out hugging. David must have took this comment on board, as a few weeks later he bought me a suprise:

Elephant Cups

Awwe, they are sooo cute! Thank you soo much David.

In other news:

Take Care,


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  • adrian says:

    I have to ask where you got these from! I love them!!!

  • Antony says:

    Hi Adrian,

    David and I were window shopping in Manchester and I spotted them in a shop called Shared Earth. We both instantly loved them but were broke (hense the window shopping) so decided we didn’t need them.

    I however couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful and cute they were. I went round to David’s a few weeks after and he had a supprise for me, the elephant cups. What a treat!


    A x

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