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A Flashy New Car – Olly, The Citroen DS3

By Sunday 28 July 2013Happiness & Joy, Life, Shopping, Technology

I recently took Sam, my Citroen C1 (see Back in the UK) in for a service and got talking to the Sales Representative. I took the snazzy Citroen DS3 for a test drive and left having took out another 5 year loan for this Citroen DS3:

new-car-olly-1 new-car-olly-2
new-car-olly-3 The 1.6 litre engine makes it a powerful drive, yet inside the car it’s quiet. The DS3 has so many features including: automatic lights, two strips of day lights, automatic windscreen wipers, auto-locking (on setting off driving or if left unlocked), cruise control, speed limiters, reverse parking sensors, electronic windows, electronic side mirrors, bluetooth, USB connection, lumbar supportive seats and a boot that’s big enough for a dead body.

The DS3 feels intelligent – anticipating your needs when you’re driving and responding automatically.

The interior is stylish, although it is missing cup holders and lacks storage space. The glove compartment is so small that a dozen CD’s would fill it to capacity.

new-car-olly-4 new-car-olly-5

The Citroen DS3 I’ve bought isn’t new; but it’s only had one previous owner whose looked after it. I’ve called him Olly because of his licence plate and because during the test drive an Olly Murs album popped out of the CD player.

As excited as I was to get my hands on Olly, bizarrely I felt bad to be trading Sam in. I name my cars, get attached to them and forget that they’re just a piece of metal – like a pet. Still, Olly has helped me get over it.

I’ve joked that I can’t even nip out for a pint of milk without Olly being flashy. When people ask what I mean, I say:
He has these two strips of day lights and even with the light settings off he thinks –
I’m a flashy car! I’m putting the day lights on!

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