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February Photo Challenge

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I’ve set myself a challenge each month aimed at giving me new experiences. February’s challenge was to take a photo everyday. Here’s the photos I snapped:

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 5. I did miss four days, however other days I took more than one photo because of the day’s events.

I really enjoyed this month’s challenge. It helped me to notice the positives in a otherwise dark and gloomy month. I like that the photos also serve as a sort of visual diary. Something I’ll definitely be doing again in the future.

Blog soon,


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Blackberry App. World Store

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Blackberry have released an App. World Store. I couldn’t resist downloading it to have a look. I needed a bit of help from Vodafone, which was provided in the form of a video:

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It sounded good, but I was dissapointed. The apps were mainly american and although it was suppose to be localised to the UK there were no apps from providers I would have liked including: Pink News, BBC, , C4 as well as various others. Perhaps with time these organisations will create an app. for Black Berry.

In addition to this, the apps that weren’t free where priced in dollars – how am I suppose to know what these are going to cost me in GBP? It was positive though to know they use PayPal as the payment method.

I guess time will tell with the applications that they add.

Geeky regards,


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The phone we forgot

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As you know I have recently been eyeing up a new phone for when my contract expires soon. I blogged about the latest phones and I decided on the iPhone.

The iPhone. Had quite a few things I wasn’t happy with (lack of bluetooth, no picture messages recieving or sending, etc.), but I thought I was going to have to pay over the odds and get used to not having these features.

However I forgot to consider the BlackBerry Storm! It has all the features I want including:

  • Touch-screen
  • QWERTY keyboard for writting text messages
  • Internet & Email
  • Good quality camera
  • So I spoke to friends, had a play with one and the verdict is: love it! Much better than the iPhone.

    So I shall have to get a move on, cancel my contract and switch providers with the fancy, sexy, wonderful BlackBerry Storm!

    Blog soon,


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