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The Benefits of Being The Middle Child

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Growing up I was the middle child. There are mixed views on whether the order of birth impacts on the individual, but my question is: How can it not? Especially when 80% of what we do is learned behaviour.

Research says that middle children are:

  • Adaptable.
  • More likely to take risks.
  • More Independent.
  • Better at articulating our view.
  • Have healthier and happier social relationships.
  • Are self-motivated.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Are responsible.
  • Are more empathic.
  • Value justice rather than money.
  • Good at working in teams.
  • Have strong leadership skills.
  • Are more patient.
  • Have less ego.
  • Are more likely to succeed in making changes to the world.
  • Do better in positions of great power and responsibility.
  • Are happy not being the centre of attention.
  • Are determined and driven to succeed.

I can’t help but wonder if this research was undertaken by middle children to make themselves sound good. Listing the above on a CV would definitely lead to someone landing an interview.

Take more independent as an example. I’d say I’m independent, but no more so that either of my brothers.

But the are some benefits to being the middle child. Being the middle child I’ve always had hand-me-downs. As a young child hand-me-downs were just part of growing up. But as an adult one of my brothers is into designer clothes. He doesn’t buy clothes often, but when he does I get his hand-me-downs. 

Another benefit is that I always have big brothers who have got my back and are a source of support. I always have older brothers to ask for advice and some of their advice has truly been invaluable.

Being the middle child has helped me to be more extroverted in social situations. It has helped me to learn how to work a room and make people laugh. This is probably to ensure that as a middle child I don’t get forgotten about. Even if this means being slightly dramatic at times to get my voice heard. I also make good use of pauses and silence to get the impact that I want in social situations.

There’s a freedom to being the middle child that comes from parents having no expectations, unlike expectations parents often put on the first born. This means that we middle children can do what we like, within reason and usually without disappointing our parents.

Being the middle child has helped me to be better at negotiation, compromise and sharing. This is due to having to consider others growing up.

Are you a middle child? What are the benefits you’ve found from your birth order? Leave a comment below.

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Review: A Marvellous Massage by a Masseur found using GuysWay

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GuysWay – The Ultimate Male Masseur Directory in the UK

Being a Reviewer has its perks. Like being offered the opportunity to review the experience of finding a Masseur on GuysWay and having a massage. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Within two clicks on GuysWay I had found a professional, gay-friendly massage therapist local to where I live. It couldn’t have been easier.

On GuysWay my first click was to select my geographical area, which resulted in a list of local Masseurs. The second click to select a profile of a Masseur that took my fancy. I had the option to make a quick phone call, text or email to book.

I booked with a gorgeous Moroccan named Saeed via email. As well as having a profile on GuysWay he has his own website where he offers his massage services. Saeed happens to be the Owner of GuyWay. On my arrival at his house, I felt instantly at ease with Saeed. We spoke a little about GuysWay.

Saeed was quick to reassure me that the order Masseurs are displayed on local listing pages are always random, meaning that no Masseur gets preference over another. He explained that he had set up GuysWay because he had seen a gap in the market. There were directories that were slightly sleazy and seedy offering additional services to massage, but no gay-friendly Professional Masseur Directories out there. I had to agree with this, prior to GuysWay, I had always found it difficult to find a good Masseur.


Saeed’s Massage Room

Saeed led me upstairs to his massage room. The room had an air of comfort to it. Candles, low-lighting and background music created a calming atmosphere. I undressed, leaving my underwear on to maintain my modesty and climbed on to the message table. I had opted for a deep tissue massage.

Saeed started on my shoulders, working his way down my body using massage oil liberally. His hands were like magic. They were warm, muscular, applied the perfect amount of pressure and moved in rhythm with the music. The feel on skin-on-skin contact was stimulating, sensual and very relaxing. I found myself being transformed into a blissfully calm and carefree state. Throughout the massage, I had the option to talk or just lie there and enjoy.

The message was just what I needed. It left me feeling both relaxed and energised. It was fantastic and left me wanting to take Saeed’s hands home with me.

Afterwards I thought about the experience. I decided that massage is essential for everyone’s wellbeing. Massage has so many benefits. For me this massage helped to reduce my stress levels, enabled me to unwind and get a goodnight of restful sleep.

I’ll definitely be booking another delightful and marvellous massage with Saeed in the future. Hopefully making massages with Saeed a regular thing.

Review soon,



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