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mum & sandra

Tina was Incredible

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Recently mum, Sandra (offical title my Step Nan) and I went watching Tina Turner who was incredible! Here are some photos:

Write Soon,


(Oh and happy 100th Post!)


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It’s all in their hands

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Hello Readers!

I am fustrated today as everything in relation to the apartment is in their hands. So who’s them? The house builder, the financial advisor, the bank, etc.

There is nothing more I can do at present and no way to speed the process up. I want to move as ASAP (see Not a Happy), but it looks as if there are going to be a few delays. This is why I am sooo fustrated. I guess I’ll get there, just things aren’t as straight forward as I thought they’d be.

On a positive note on Monday my Mum, Sandra (offical title my Step Nan) and I went watching Tina Turner (photos and a few clips to come soon promise).

With regards to David, he has adjusted to the inital shock that I as he puts it will soon “be a home owner”. I tell him off when he says this – I sometimes don’t feel grown-up enough to own my own home. Besides which the bank will technically own it for the first 35 years, so it will just be like renting (apart from I get to keep the place when I’m old(er)).

I’ll keep you all updated and promise to get the Tina Turner stuff online when I get a spare second.

My Love to All,

Antony x

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