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It’s all in their hands

Hello Readers!

I am fustrated today as everything in relation to the apartment is in their hands. So who’s them? The house builder, the financial advisor, the bank, etc.

There is nothing more I can do at present and no way to speed the process up. I want to move as ASAP (see Not a Happy), but it looks as if there are going to be a few delays. This is why I am sooo fustrated. I guess I’ll get there, just things aren’t as straight forward as I thought they’d be.

On a positive note on Monday my Mum, Sandra (offical title my Step Nan) and I went watching Tina Turner (photos and a few clips to come soon promise).

With regards to David, he has adjusted to the inital shock that I as he puts it will soon “be a home owner”. I tell him off when he says this – I sometimes don’t feel grown-up enough to own my own home. Besides which the bank will technically own it for the first 35 years, so it will just be like renting (apart from I get to keep the place when I’m old(er)).

I’ll keep you all updated and promise to get the Tina Turner stuff online when I get a spare second.

My Love to All,

Antony x

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  • Mike says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your frustration; but it will be yours in time! Fingers crossed for you. It takes so long… but well done you for taking the plunge. Too ‘grown up’ for my blood! x

  • Antony says:

    It’s not the time it takes. It’s the waiting to hear back off people. Waiting for outcomes – is fustrating.

    I am a home bird. A secure and stable home life is essential for me. Besides which the deal the house builder is offering me is very good and it’s the right time to buy in this economic climate.

    😀 Hugs,

    A x

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