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My India Adventure (Part 4) – Delicious Food

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Throughout the week I ate delicious food. But I only took photos of alcoholic drinks, LOL.

The food throughout my stay in Delhi was absolutely delicious. So tasty, that I tucked in and totally forgot to get any photos of the fantastic meals I ate. Indian food is mostly vegetarian with vibrant colours, is rich and spicy in taste. Meat dishes were those with chicken. When eating out Menus split dishes by North and South Indian food.

By far the best meals I had were those with Neha’s family at Neha’s parent’s apartment. They were exquisitely tasting dishes that amazed my tastebuds and were complemented by great company.

But there are three particular meals out that I’ll always remember. The first was a lunchtime treat with Neha’s sisters and brothers-in-law on my first full day in Delhi. The second was the Wedding meal. And the third was a meal in an Officers Mess at an Army Base arranged by and with the immediate family.

Food I Liked: Alu Matar (spiced potatoes with mixed veg), Butter Chicken
Chana Masala (chickpeas), Naan Bread, Garlic Naan Bread, Pulao Rice and many other dishes that I can’t remember the names of.

The desserts were like gifts from the divine. I enjoyed them all including RasMalai (which was my favourite), Gulab jambu (a sticky sweet deep fried dough), Sweet Milk Pudding, Payasam (sugar, milk and noodles) and other delectable desserts that I can’t remember the names of.

In the next blog post titled My India Adventure (Part 5) – Gandhi’s Grave & India Gate, I will be writing all about Gandhi and India Gate. It will be coming soon, so keep coming back to check for updates.

Write soon,


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Out Every Night

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Hi All,

I’ve been out all this week.

Monday – I went out for a meal. The meal however was over shadowed by an ex-partner being in the same resturant with his new partner. I was glad to see that he was happy and had moved on but felt uncomfortable, due to the fact we’ve not really spoken since our break up some time ago. I would loved to have stayed friends with him, as he started off as a friend and was a good one. Seeing him there knocked me for six and I just wanted the floor to swallow me up. However, once he was gone the meal was more enjoyable.

Tuesday – Mum’s Birthday. I didn’t forget it, just didn’t realise it was the first of July already. Time seems to have flown by this year. I guess it must do for people who are busy working, as I’ve been a student most of my working life. I picked her up from work and gave her some flowers. However my older brother upstaged me by buying some too, before I did. Anyone who knows me will know I hate to be upstaged, but he cooked me tea, so I didn’t have to kill him!

Wednesday I got a text from my good friend Steve requesting emergency last minute help moving. So after three car loads he was moved and I got home very late.

Today (Thursday) I was suppose to be working, but it was canceled. In honestly, I am so glad it was. It mean’t I could go home and do all my domestic tasks that had been building up.

Friday (tomorrow) I shall be going to Manchester Gay Village to watch The Lady Boy’s of Bankcock. I have seen them for the last 2 years, they always put on a fantastic show! Can’t wait.

In relation to the site, I have put back the publish date of my Adventures Road Trip blog due to not having time to complete it. I know, I need to get it up there. Once it’s up I can start planning the next one. I have however created a June 08 Archive to keep the home page from getting too long.

So happy reading, speak soon.


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