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5 Things I’m Looking Forward To When Lockdown Ends

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I think it’s fair to say that although we all understand the necessity of lockdown, at the same time we’re all fed up of it. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. Millions of people in the UK have already been vaccinated for COVID-19. The Government has a road map for easing restrictions and for allowing a return to normality.

I’ve already been lucky enough to have my first (of two) COVID-19 vaccinations.

The Back of my COVID-19 Vaccination Card,

With hope in mind, here’s a list of 5 things I’m looking forward to when lockdown finally ends:

  1. Hugs – With being single and social distancing rules, I can’t remember the last time I was hugged. It’s been a while. I’ll be glad to be able to hug family and friends once again.
  2. Getting my hair cut – Apparently my hair is beginning to resemble that of Boris Johnson’s. Next time I get it cut, I’m going super-short, just in case of future lockdowns.
  3. Getting out and about seeing people again – I miss seeing my friends. Messaging and phone calls just aren’t the same.
  4. Going out for a meal – I used to love to do lunch with friends. I can’t wait until the restaurants and pubs are back open for meals out again.
  5. No More Face Masks – I’m always forgetting my mask, they are uncomfortable and I just don’t like them. I know it’s a bit odd, me being a Nurse, but it’s the truth. I’ll be glad to say goodbye to them. I’m thinking of having fire ceremony and burning them all.

Blog soon,


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My Lockdown 2.0 Mental Health Plan

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On Thursday 5th November 2020 the UK enters lockdown once again. I won’t lie, I found the first lockdown tough, as did a lot of people. So this time round I thought I’d prepare a mental health lockdown plan.

Here’s my plan:

  1. I will watch some comedy at least once a week. Laughter is a good way to lessen the hardship.
  2. I will exercise outside at least once a week. I’m setting my goal for just once a week as I’ll be working through lockdown and I don’t like going out in the dark.
  3. I will burn scented candles, oils or incense at least two evenings per week.
  4. I will meditate at least two evenings per week.
  5. I will have a bath at least two evenings per week. Baths are much more relaxing than the usual shower.
  6. I will listen to upbeat music once per week.
  7. I will clean the house at least once per week.
  8. I will avoid shopping online as much as possible.
  9. I will call a friend at least twice per week,
  10. I will call a family member at least once per week.
  11. I will start work on a new creative project.

How are you planning for lockdown 2.0. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Write soon,


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A General Life Update – June 2020

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Hello Dear Readers,

How endless does this lockdown feel? It feels like it has gone on forever. It feels like the rules of lockdown have permeated every aspect of our lives. In some cases the rules feel like they have taken our old lives hostage. No longer can we take anything for granted. Not even the simplest of things like exchanging a hug with a loved one.

With experts are expecting a 2nd wave, it looks like the relaxation of lockdown maybe reversed. Possibly made even stricter.

With all this going on, it’s not surprising that for some, this has had a tole on their mental health. So I would like to remind you that you can purchase my book Mental Health Wisdom from Amazon for just £7.49 paperback (or £1.99 Kindle) here. It’s full of strategies to help people to deal with adversity and improve their mental health.


Now let’s talk about me. It been a bit of a difficult time. First there was an international shortage of Depakote, one of the medications I take. So I had to switch to Epilim, basically the same thing but a different brand. However nobody at the Pharmacy or GP knew there was a shortage of Depakote, so it took nearly two weeks without any Depakote to get the Epilim prescribed and started. This led to manic and mixed moods.

But before this and underlying I had been struggling with depressive symptoms, that even the maximum dose of Venlafaxine wasn’t helping with. So my Consultant Psychiatrist has taken me off Quetiapine and started me on Mirtazapine.

I’ve never had this mix of medications before, so it is uncharted territory. We just have to keep trying until we get the right balance in my brain. Even though I know this, it is sometimes frustrating.

In other news my iMac (photo below) has died and gone to Apple heaven.

February Photo Challenge 10th
My iMac finally died.

It had been really slow for a while and since getting a laptop I haven’t used it that much; but it is still disappointing.

This week I’m off on annual leave. I’ve taken a few days to rest and recharge. Next I’ve got a few days seeing family and friends – social distancing. Then at the end of the week Steve and I are going to South Lakes Safari Zoo.

I’ll be sure to do a blog post about my visit to the Zoo. Blog soon,


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Thirty Four in Alert Lockdown

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Me, out in the sunshine. Alert for Coronavirus.

I think 2020 will be the year known as what wasn’t, rather than what was. So many of people’s plans have been cancelled. Of course we all understand that it is essential and that keeping safe is the most important thing.

On Wednesday 13th May 20, the UK Government relaxed lockdown. Just in time for my birthday! This meant I could now meet a friend for my birthday, maintaining social distancing and go for a walk in Rivington with them. So the day after, on my birthday, that’s exactly what I did.

It was a lovely walk. The sun was out and was warm. The birds were singing. The stream flowed making a gentle gushing sound. All combined sounded like a nature meditation CD.

The 1975, one of my favourite bands released this song, which I’m absolutely addicted to. I’ve been listening to it on repeat since its release:

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That’s how I spent my birthday. Take care and be safe. Write soon,


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